Solar Swimming Pool Heating Antelope Valley CA

3 Solar Swimming Pool Heating Tips

In the Antelope Valley residents love their pools and our company is always asked about the best solar swimming pool heating tips. There are many ways to boost water temperatures making year-round swimming an enjoyable experience. Affordable solar options allow personalized customized pool heating choices. Having the right temperature water year round is not hard to meet when properly planned out. When the summer heat starts cooling and pool maintenance is less frequent there are various methods when it comes down to heating the water. One of the best ways to keep water from evaporating and keeping heat in is with a solar pool cover. Another way to keep swimming water warm is with solar rings. Finally, a liquid pool cover is also another example of solar swimming pool heating on a budget. All these methods use the sun as the heating source for your pool.

Solar Swimming Pool Heating Lancaster Palmdale

Swimming Pool Heating Tips Lancaster Palmdale

  • Solar pool cover
  • Solar rings
  • Liquid pool cover

Solar Swimming Pool Covers

Solar covers get their heat from the sun’s UV rays. These UV rays are key to heating the tiny air bubbles within the cover. When the air gets trapped and heated in these bubbles the water gets heated. The amount of heating via this method depends on how much sun your pool gets each day during the week. Color and shape also play a role but on average solar covers will boost water temps from 10-15 degrees.

Solar Swimming Pool Sun Rings

Solar sun rings are a low-cost alternative for covering and heating swimming pools. Made of a vinyl UV resistant material and measuring 60 inches in diameter. Solar rings offer measurements of 21,000 BTU’s of heating each day. Besides warming up the water via sun power they also look great with various designs to choose from.

Liquid Swimming Pool Cover

Recent studies show that liquid solar swimming pool heating is only 25% less effective compared to a plastic pool blanket during a 24 hour, 7-day weekly time frame. Liquid covers will move away from swimmers in the water then reset to cover the surface once water becomes calm.

Whatever route you decide to go the above methods will heat water while saving pool owners money. Solar covers, Sun rings, and liquid pool covers are getting more popular in the Lancaster. Palmdale and Quartz Hill areas because they cut water evaporation which is key to keeping water temps up.