Save Money Running Swimming Pool

5 Swimming Pool Money Saving Facts

When looking to save money on managing your swimming pool there are things, that when adhered to, save lots of money over the course of a year. Of course, there are variables to remember like the size of the pool and the climate you live in. At the end of the day, it’s best to remember that you only get out what you put in. That means being responsible for the daily and weekly management of your swimming pool and equipment. Either with a professional pool cleaning company or doing it on your own regular maintenance is vital.

Swimming Pool Money Saving Palmdale Lancaster

Cut Swimming Pool Expenses

1. Swimming Pool Covers

Pools that have covers reduce water evaporation rates. This means adding more water becomes less frequent. They don’t cost much and are a great investment with a big return for saving cash. Pools with covers also keep the water warmer and because of this, the heater works less.

2. Weekly Maintenance (at least)

There is a saying, “Non-use is abuse” and that is true when maintaining your pool. Each week things like adjusting water chemistry, cleaning filters, skimming water surface and vacuuming walls and bottom are important. For instance, if the water chemical balance is left unchecked you soon will be facing an algae problem which is costly to correct.

3. Water Features (Fountains, Waterfalls)

Backyard swimming pools that have waterfalls or fountains also eat up lots of energy when left running. Sure they look great, give a nice ambiance and are soothing to see and hear but they cost money to run. When not at home make it a point to turn off fountains, waterfalls or cascades. This will add up to a great savings over time.

4. Swimming Pool Pump

Does the pump run more than 10 hours a day? Do you still have an old one-speed pump? If the answer is yes to either of these questions there is money ready for saving. Cutting run times by 2 hours each day of the week will save around $10 a month. More money is also saved when pumps run during off-peak times. Also, replacing your old single speed pump with a variable speed pool pump dramatically cuts operating costs each month.


5. Water Temperature

Many folks love having a nice warm swimming pool ready to use. A warm pool with friends on a cold night in the Antelope Valley is a great thing. With those good times comes a price when keeping the water warm. Save extra money by lowering the temp of the water a few degrees to where it is still comfy for swimming. A rule of thumb is when not in use, keep the water temps down.

We hope the advice above helps some of our Palmdale, Lancaster and Quartz Hill clients save money managing their swimming pool.