5 Tips Better Backyard Swimming Pool Looks

Here are five great things for better backyard swimming pool looks on a budget. Homeowners on our service routes in the Lancaster, Palmdale and Quartz Hill areas often ask us decorating tips. The first place to start is neighborhood garage and yard sales to find lots of backyard furniture for less than what’s charged at a big box store. Local thrift stores also host many items that can spruce up the looks of your swimming pool and the entire backyard for a few bucks.

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5 Tips Better Backyard Swimming Pool Looks


  1.  Find furniture at neighborhood yard sales
  2.  Cheap decorations from thrift stores
  3.  Search local swap meets
  4.  Second-hand item smart phone apps
  5.  Craigslist free items section

Just walking around the block you’ll also find lots of great items to improve the looks of your backyard and swimming pool. Many times homeowners also have their old outdoor furniture sets for sale at very low prices.

There’s great thrift stores also in Palmdale and Lancaster for decorations that will look great outside near the water. We’ve seen everything from portable tiki bars to also bird baths with fountains.

Many of our clients go to the swap meet and get very inexpensive potted plants and hanging plants that are also great decorations for the backyard.

Besides doing incredible things like automatically controlling the lighting around your swimming pool smartphones also have great apps to find local items in your neighborhood. This is the new way that’s best to connect with local folks just a few miles away.

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Use the internet for free items in your neighborhood that also enhance the looks of your backyard Oasis. With Craigslist check the free item section. Folks are throwing away furniture, inflatable lounges, plants, and many other items. These items will be a great addition to the backyard and the swimming pool. And the best part of those deals is that they are free!

Our company has serviced Antelope Valley, Lancaster, Palmdale and Quartz Hill area swimming pools for decades. We hope these tips get rid of the problem of affordably updating the pool area. Get rid of that sparse look in the backyard and on a budget create an enjoyable experience for your friends and family.