Drain Swimming Pool

Pool Draining Cleaning Services

Is your swimming pool in bad shape? If so it may need a pool draining and cleaning service. Some indicators that tell you in need of a drain and clean are any strong smells of chlorine, murky dirty cloudy water, green water, foaming or bubbles in the pool, or also any living insects like mosquitoes in the pool.

Great White Pool and Spa offer pool draining and cleaning services all throughout the analog Valley. Based in Palmdale we are also close to local Lancaster’ and Quartz Hill. Worst-case scenarios require pool draining and cleaning. After the water is emptied out acid washing is done to the plaster to help remove the algae stains. Once this is completed the pool can be once again filled with water.

Pool Draining Maintenance Palmdale Lancaster

Pool Draining Service Antelope Valley

  • Drain Pool
  • Plaster Acid Wash
  • Eliminate Algae Staining
  • Balance Water Chemistry
  • Clean Filters
  • Re-Fill Swimming Pool with Water

Our pool cleaning company has been offering professional maintenance services for over 25 years and the Antelope Valley. This year The Valley press also nominated our company as the best pool service in the Antelope Valley. We’ve performed pool draining, acid washing and cleaning services to hundreds of residential and commercial swimming pools and spas.

Don’t let that pool get any worse call us 1st for an effective solution to restoring you’re swimming pool back to swim safe conditions. Once corrected we can also manage your pool and equipment with affordable weekly maintenance packages. We service residential, commercial and public swimming pools in the Antelope Valley.

In Ground Pool Maintenance Palmdale CA

Our professional pool technicians also do inspections and equipment repairs. We are experts at replacing old pool pumps and filters and also diagnosing equipment issues.  Call us today to learn how our pool drain and clean can bring your back yard away says back to life!

Single Speed Versus Multi Speed Pool Pumps

Pool Pump Replacement 5 Variable Speed Benefits

Thinking about a pool pump replacement? A little known fact is that the pump in your swimming pool eats up more energy in your house than any other device other than your air conditioning unit. An easy way to change this statistic for households that have a single speed pump in the pool is by installing an energy efficient variable speed model. Below are five reasons why you should also install a variable speed pool pump.

5 Pump Replacement Benefits

Pool Pump Replacement Benefits

Energy Saving Pool Pump

One benefit is the energy a multi-speed pump saves compared to old one-speed versions. Ironically enough they do the same job but a variable speed pool pump uses 50 to 75% less energy. Compared to the one-speed motors that use only the maximum flow rate, variable speed pumps slow down the flow of water and motor speeds which saves energy. It’s also now a law that when replacing an old one-speed pump a variable speed pump must be its replacement. Today’s new pumps are high-tech and very efficient.

Pump Installation and Set-up

Replacing an old pump to a multi-speed model is easy for a pool technician. For Edison Electric customers rebates are also available that save up to $200 with their pump replacement program rebates.

Less Noise from Pump Motor

Many folks appreciate how quiet variable speed pumps run. When running at an extremely high rate of speed these pumps also become even quieter!

Swimming Pool Pump Lifespan

Compared to single speed versions, variable speed motors are more durable. Contained vital parts are safe from pests and weather. Issues often arise with weather and pests that can harm exposed parts.

Smartphone Control

Nowadays folks everywhere have smartphones that run Android and Apple apps. No longer the days of managing the pump system would also require a scientist to figure out. Now with the touch of a button monitor the entire system. You can be in any place anywhere and see exactly what’s going on with your pool pump. Features allow you to monitor the energy used and calculate savings.

Pool Services Antelope Valley

Antelope Valley Best Swimming Pool Company

Need to replace your old pump system with a new variable speed pool pump? Reach out to us today for an energy saving pool pump replacement. We offer services in the Antelope Valley including swimming pools in Palmdale, Lancaster, and Quartz Hill.

Residential Pool Service Summer 2019 Antelope Valley

Our residential pool service areas cover the greater Antelope Valley. We always look forward to helping both homeowner and business owners during the summer months. Regular upkeep of pools and spas is vital as it heats up and pools get more use. From pump replacements, leak detections, tile cleaning, one-time and weekly cleaning packages. We’re proud to be one of the top-ranked pool cleaning companies in Lancaster, Palmdale and Quartz Hill.

Lancaster Residential Pool Service Company

With summer fast approaching, our home pool services save time and also money. We make sure all gear is ready for the warmer days ahead. This means the water is clean, clear and swim-safe. For homeowners with pools in Lancaster, Palmdale and Quartz Hill our affordable weekly cleaning plans also allow you to enjoy summer without worrying about upkeep.

Residential Pool Service and Repairs

  • Pool Filter Cleaning
  • Heater Repairs
  • Pump Replacement
  • Underwater Light Replacement
  • Water Leak Detections
  • Green Pool Repair
  • Water Chemistry Balancing
  • Weekly Service Package

Commercial Pool Maintenance

Have a business pool or pools in more than one location? We help many business owners, property managers and also sports clubs keep water swim-safe year round. Our on-going pool maintenance provides peace of mind when it comes to keeping pools professional maintained. Looking for a pool repair professional and need to minimize downtime? We handle chemical balancing, algae removal, acid washes, pool draining and customized maintenance plans by experts that also best fit your schedule.

Residential Pool Service Professionals Lancaster

Got a one-time cleaning or also fast repair need? Great White Pool and Spa has fully stocked trucks with the proper chemicals, tools, and equipment to handle short notice swimming pool service emergencies. If you’re looking for a new Poolman this summer or just need someone to assist with also troubleshooting an issue with your system, we can help. To learn more about our pool services and areas we cover speak with one of our pool techs today.

Best Weekly Swimming Pool Service Tips for Homeowners

Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips Springtime

Looking for a few swimming pool maintenance tips to keep your Antelope Valley pool clear and safe for springtime and upcoming warmer months? This is the time folks dream about spending time outside poolside with friends for a pool party or just enjoying the summer days alone by the water. Prevent the dream from being a nightmare by making sure your swimming pool and equipment are ready to handle all the extra usage.

Helpful Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

Having a regular maintenance plan is vital to make sure water stays clear and swimming conditions safe. Whether you hire a local pool cleaner or DIY, here are 5 helpful tips to better understand what it takes to have cleaner, safer, happier, and healthier swimming conditions.

Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips Lancaster Palmdale

1. Skimming and Scrubbing Pool & Sides

Skimming the water surface to remove what falls into the water is a must. If this is not done at least once every two weeks, (once a week is best) problems like algae growth and filter issues may arise. That means grab the scrub brush and give the sides of the pool a good scrub wherever you see any growth spots. While you’re at it also empty the filter basket to remove the leaves, debris or even a child’s small stuffed animal.

2. Servicing Swimming Pool Filters

It’s best each month to backwash to clear the water pipes used by the filter. Set the filter to backwash, remove the debris basket and clean it. Flip the pump back on and keep it running until clear water comes out of the waste pipe. Remember to run the filter on a timer and do not switch it on and off often. If so, you could damage the filter.

3. Pool Water Chemistry Adjusting

The chemistry of the swimming water is critical for keeping a pool properly serviced. Not balancing the chemistry will lead to skin irritation issues, green water situations, and overall unsafe swimming conditions. On a weekly basis also check and balance the water chemistry. Don’t be scared by the word chemistry, no college degree needed to handle this task. Simply buy a test kit from any local pool store to get a sample of the water from your pool. Instructions are easy to follow to keep chemistry balanced.

4. Pool Shocking

Host a lot of pool parties in your backyard? For folks that have lots of people in and out of the water shocking is a good idea. Ever notice how the water isn’t as clear the day after having lots of friends and family in the pool all weekend? The reason for the murky conditions is due to bacteria growth. It’s important to raise chlorine to a very high level for a short time to end bacteria. Having a plan to shock the pool during the heavy usage months is a good idea and twice even better. No more than that though because too much shocking will lead to damage to pool siding.

5. Pool Deck Cleaning & Disinfecting

The pool deck is also a spot where bacteria and other harmful elements grow. Have you ever walked on the deck and it’s slippery? Many times it’s the bacteria causing this. Cleaning the deck surface regularly will cut growth. Cleaning the deck varies on surface type, but the procedure is basically the same. In a bucket of mix 1 cup TSP (trisodium phosphate) to one-gallon water. TSP is available at most hardware stores. Use this to rinse deck with a high-pressure washer (especially for very large decks) or a regular hose with a high-pressure nozzle.

Antelope Valley Best Swimming Pool Company

Hiring a Pool Service Company

We hope these maintenance tips make warm days poolside during the upcoming months with friends and family the best. There’s lots of work required to make sure your swimming pool has clean, safe and clear swimming water on a week by week basis. It’s no doubt it’s an investment in time which could be used for doing more important things. If you need help with equipment repairs or regular swimming pool maintenance we’re here to help. Our pool cleaning service areas include Lancaster, Palmdale, Quartz Hill and most parts of the Antelope Valley.

Pool Cleaning After Rain Tips

Pool Cleaning During Rainy Seasons

When pool cleaning during rainy seasons it’s vital to know that after every storm things are introduced into your swimming pool. Dirt, debris, rainwater, and even lightning all have an effect on the general water chemistry of your pool. This may place a strain on your equipment. One of the best and fast ways to clean up after a winter storm is to cut any potential problems like algae, cloudy water or un-needed filter pressure. The below tips will help you have a clean and balanced pool.

Pool Cleaning Rainy Seasons Palmdale CA

Pool Cleaning During Rainy Seasons

It’s best to brush the sides and of your pool and skim the surface. This helps systems by getting rid of debris and stirs up the dirt for easier filtering

Cleaning the skimmer basket is also a good idea and check the other filter baskets in the pool system. By doing this water will be able to flow more easily through your system. Also, consider shocking your swimming pool. This cleans and sanitizes any pollutants or materials brought into the water from the rain.

Another helpful tip is running your system for a minimum of 12 hours to make sure filters are properly circulating. This step also helps get rid of dirt and debris, while circulating the chlorine in your swimming pool. The day after shocking a pool check the PSI levels on your filter. If the water pressure is 8 to 10 psi higher than normal levels, clean out your filter. After cleaning or backwashing filters test your water chemistry.

Pool Cleaning Services Near Lancaster CA

It’s important to note that water from rain and other debris from heavy winds affect the chemistry pool water. It’s quite possible that a chemical adjustment is needed after heavy storms. If you need help restoring the cleanliness of your swimming pool after a heavy storm call one of our aquatic technicians to schedule a cleaning. Our family owned pool cleaning service has operated for over 25 years. Our company services the entire Antelope Valley including Palmdale, Lancaster, and Quartz Hill.

Replace Pool Heater Antelope Valley

Pool Heater Replacement Tips

Looking for pool heater replacement ideas so frolicking in the water doesn’t have to end when the temperatures drop? When the weather gets cold that’s when the pool heater kicks in. Pool heaters help you stay warm in the water during the offseason. Using a heater for your swimming pool has many benefits. At the same time, there are some negative. One statistic that doesn’t hold well is the fact that older heaters are not very energy-efficient. On the other hand, one of the pluses of a today’s new pool heaters is no matter the weather outside, there are now ways to efficiently heat your pool for year round usage.

Pool Heater Replacement Lancaster Palmdale CA

For homeowners looking to upgrade their pool’s heating unit remember that your heater is one of the most costly pieces of equipment for your pool system. It’s also important to note that the best heating units will not do well and possibly fail if not installed correctly. With such a big investment it’s always best to have a certified aquatic technician install the heater for you.

Pool Heater Replacement

Pool Heater Repair Lancaster CA

Our pool cleaning company often gets asked by many Antelope Valley residents about the latest pool heaters on the market. We know there’s a lot to choose from when picking the right heater. As an example, the new Jandy Pro Series JXi uses natural gas to heat the water and is very small, but yet quite powerful. One big benefit to this unit is that it’s very eco-friendly, quiet, small and lightweight. It also heats water fast and is very user-friendly with its digital interface. No matter what route you go for heating the water whether it’s gas, solar electric or other means, our technicians are here to help complete your pool heater project.

Swimming Pool Services

Need help with your pool heating system? Call one of our aquatic technicians to lend a hand with your project. Looking for pool cleaning services in Lancaster, Palmdale, Quartz Hill or other parts of the Antelope Valley? Our company offers expert repairs, cleaning, and pool maintenance services.

Cloudy Pool Water Fixes

Cloudy pool water is a problem. One rule of thumb to having clean, safe and clear swimming water is also via water circulation, filtering, sanitizing, and chemical balancing. In many cases when all the above is proper poor pool water conditions can still exist.

Cloudy Pool Water Repair Lancaster

Pool water that is cloudy on most occasions is because the filter and sanitizer are not able to get rid of small debris as fast as it’s created.

Cloudy Pool Water Because of Equipment
  • Old ineffective pool filters
  • Damaged pump impeller or blocked main drain
  • The filter is not set to run enough hours (at least 12 hours)
  • A jammed skimmer that also lets air to reach the pump
  • Bad filters that also let water through without properly filtered
  • A Backwashing valve lets water back into the pool
  • Incorrectly sized pool filter that’s too big causing incorrect filtering
  • Damaged drain valves
Foggy Pool Water From Chemical Imbalances
  • Alkalinity and calcium hardness levels too high
  • Shock treatment residue
  • High stabilizer, Phosphate, Nitrates, Dissolved Solids or PH levels
  • Pool water chemicals with too much metal or mineral content
  • High Total Dissolved Solids levels
Murky Pool Water From Weather
  • The high pollen count, smog and air pollution
  • Heavy winds that also bring debris into the pool
  • Rainy weather conditions
  • Pools with too much shade
  • Heavy usage by lots of folks at once
  • Tanning or body lotions from swimmers
  • Pool water that’s also too warm

As noted above there is more than one item that can cause cloudy pool water. Checking each of the above items will help find the issue to your cloudy pool water problem.

Cloudy Pool Water Repair

Pool Company Antelope Valley CA

If you need help restoring your pool to a clean and clear condition our team of aquatic technicians will also lend a hand. Our Antelope Valley pool cleaning company has fixed cloudy pool water conditions for 25 years.

Best Antelope Valley Pool Cleaning Company

Best Pool Cleaning Service Antelope Valley

Homeowners looking for the best pool cleaning service in the Antelope Valley know that keeping your pool kept up means being responsible. For many folks who live busy lives hiring a professional to handle the regular cleaning duties also is vital. But how do you find the best pool cleaning service?

Our family owned pool cleaning company has local swimming pool technicians with 25 years of pool cleaning ability. We feel our team offers the best pool cleaning service and the best rates to pool owners in the Antelope Valley. If you live in Lancaster, Palmdale or Quartz Hill we know there are lots of pool cleaning companies to choose from and here are a few reasons to choose Great White Pool and Spa.

Top Pool Cleaning Service Lancaster

Best Pool Cleaning Service & Repairs

Swimming pool owners who use Great White Pool and Spa get a company that does much more than showing up once a week to clean the pool. Besides skimming the water surface to remove debris and vacuuming the bottom and sides of pools, we also support your pool’s equipment. Pool filters, pumps, motors all need to be inspected often to catch any issues before they become pricey repairs. Our pool cleaning professionals have the know-how when it comes to balancing water chemistry, replacing and installing new pool pumps, fixing broken heaters, and cleaning dirty junked up pool filters.

Full-Service Weekly Pool Maintenance

  • Weekly Pool Cleaning Services
  • Water Chemistry Balancing
  • Vacuum Pool Floor and Walls
  • Empty Debris From Skimmer
  • Inspect Pool System and Equipment
  • Fully Stocked Pool Service Trucks
  • Report Any Problems that May Arise

Best Pool Cleaning Service Lancaster Palmdale CA

Best Pool Cleaning Service Lancaster, Palmdale Quartz Hill

Feel safe knowing our company is fully licensed, insured and able to handle pool service projects of all sizes. Having a person enter your property while away requires trust and we respect that trust with each client. Our company has references from homeowners like yourself that have been more than happy with our pool cleaning services.

For the best pool cleaning service in Lancaster, Palmdale or Quartz Hill give Great White Pool and Spa a call.

Swimming Pool Fitness Exercises Antelope Valley

Swimming Pool Fitness Exercises

Swimming pool fitness exercises have gained popularity for therapeutic purposes in 2018. We all know that swimming is enjoyable regardless if it’s in a lake, the sea, or the backyard pool. Swimming is one of America’s most loved leisure exercises, particularly amid the hot summer months. What better way to get in shape and repair your body by taking advantage of your time in the pool for an easy workout routine.

Swimming Pool Fitness Exercises

For those that don’t know swimming gives good heart and controlled-breathing activity which provides healthy blood pressure and helps oxygen circulate. Being at home in your own pool means an easy exercise routine to follow. Our team of pool technicians in Lancaster, Palmdale and Quartz Hill also say that cleaning the pool regularly burns calories too.

Besides being easy to do, aquatic exercising in the pool is also not as demanding on your body compared to jogging. Folks who’ve done long runs know the pains in your knees and joints at times. This is one reason swimming pool exercises are popular. The only thing you need for a new fit you is the pool in your backyard!

Swimming Pool Fitness Exercises

  • Floating Pool Mats
  • Water Bicycling
  • Pool Group Exercises

Floating Mat Exercising

Swimming Pool Yoga Workout Palmdale

Another method that is on the rise for 2018 is wellness mats that float. These mats skim on the surface of the water and because of the swaying, you’re forced to use core balance to keep afloat. Compared to yoga on a hard dry surface, floating yoga gives better health results.

Water Bicycling Exercises

Water Aqua Cycle Quartz Hill

Trust it or not, another health routine is Water Bicycling. Water cycles are a cycling machine in water and you pedal the same as you would outdoors. The extra obstruction from the water gets rid of more calories and is substantially less demanding on the body than running on hard surfaces.

Swimming Pool Group Exercises

Swim Group Pool Fitness Antelope Valley

Like working out in groups? Try some swimming pool fitness exercises that involve sports or groups. Water polo, synchronized swimming or friendly inflatable raft racing all are great ways to burn calories. Plus getting with friends in the pool will be fun for all.

Don’t have a pool? Try your local gyms for open swimming pool fitness exercise programs. If you’re in the Antelope Valley, The City of Lancaster aquatics division offers swim lessons and aquatic fitness classes like Aquacise and Hydrofit classes.

Great White Pool and Spa Pool Services

Our company has maintained pools in the Antelope Valley servicing Palmdale, Lancaster, and Quartz Hill for 25 years. For residential homeowners and commercial businesses also in need of repairs, installations or weekly maintenance contact us at 661-874-2063 for help.

Swimming Pool Preparation Antelope Valley

6 Summer Swimming Pool Preparation Tips

Many folks on our weekly service routes in the Lancaster Palmdale area ask out the best swimming pool preparation tips to ready their pools for summer. After sitting during the cold month’s when springtime arrives homeowners start taking the covers off their pools. But before you roll up your sleeves and get ready to dive into the task of preparing your pool follow these helpful tips.

The first thing you may notice is the color of the water. More than likely adding chemicals is necessary to make the water clear. Adjusting the water chemistry will repair that. Once the water is clear time to move on to the swimming pool preparation tips.

Swimming Pool Preperation Lancaster Palmdale

Swimming Pool Preparation Tips

1. Start Early

If you plan on buying any parts that need replaced from last season check the local pool store. Stores often offer specials weeks before the busy summer. If looking to buy a new pump or filter great deals are available pre-summer.

2. Inspect Water Condition

Pools covered during winter often will be cloudy, murky, light or dark green. For this, your pool will need the water chemistry balanced to make it clear again.

3. Check Pump and Filter

It’s best to check pumps and filters to make sure they’re operating correctly and repair if needed. Also, run them until the water becomes clear. At that point, it’s safe to run them 10-12 hours per day. Finally, make sure the pump is not leaking water.

4. Just Add Water
If the pools water level is low also making sure to add more water to restore normal levels ensures proper equipment functioning.

5. Pool Safety Preparation
Make sure pool ladders, guard rails, child pool fences and drain covers are all in correct working shape to prevent accidents. Also, post pool safety signs. If there’s lots of small children around it’s best to have a child pool fence to prevent accidents.

6. Have Fun
Now get the barbecue ready, invite some good friends over and enjoy, diving, splashing, and frolicking in the summer weeks ahead in your beautiful backyard oasis.

Summer Swimming Pool Cleanup Services

Swimming Pool Preparation TipsShort on time and need expert help? Great White Pool and Spa also provides professional services that prepare Antelope Valley swimming pools for the summer months. Call today and find out about our weekly maintenance packages in Palmdale, Lancaster, and Quartz Hill to make sure your water stays clear and safe for swimming all summer long.

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