Great White Pool Cleaning Company Baby Tips

Baby Swimming Tips Great White Pool Cleaning

Our pool cleaning company is often asked by Lancaster Palmdale owners of pools about babies and their first time swimming or being in the water. When getting your young one ready for their first day it’s best to start in the bathtub. At six months a baby with an adult is safe in the pool but many feel safer in the tub. One tip is to join the baby in the bath to show the young one how relaxing in a water environment is. Having a regular cleaning schedule for both your pool weekly and child daily in the tub makes keeping kids and backyard pools clean and happier. Of course, it’s best to bond with your recent newborn because this type of service has a value impossible to measure.

Great White Pool Cleaning Lancaster Palmdale Baby TipsStart off getting in the tub with your baby to make him or her feel more relaxed. It’s best to splash water lightly on the face because it’s like a splash of pool water. Once comfy a quick dunk of the head underwater. Once the baby enjoys their head dunked learning to float is next. While holding the baby lower them into the water. Keep holding the child until they become relaxed and comfortable. In no time you’ll see your little one splashing, laughing and loving the water. Adding floating toys suitable for babies will further improve water skills where they are moving their limbs in the water. Believe or not some of these kids even start their own pool cleaning companies as adults. Now that’s a love of being near water!

Great White Pool Cleaning Baby Swimming Tips

  • Set regular cleaning time for baths
  • Make sure baby is not hungry or tired
  • Have a warm & comfortable water temp
  • Create a fun environment for cleaning in the tub

Always supervise your baby, toddler or young one when in the water whether the tub or swimming pools. Reinforcing fun in the water builds a toddler’s confidence and it’s all because you started in the bath. When moving to swim pools to teach children swimming thereĀ are lots of great articles online to read. As parents of children ourselves and residents of the Palmdale Lancaster area, we’ve seen toddlers become swimming greats through the years while cleaning pools of our customers.