Save Money Running Swimming Pool

5 Swimming Pool Money Saving Facts

When looking to save money on managing your swimming pool there are things, that when adhered to, save lots of money over the course of a year. Of course, there are variables to remember like the size of the pool and the climate you live in. At the end of the day, it’s best to remember that you only get out what you put in. That means being responsible for the daily and weekly management of your swimming pool and equipment. Either with a professional pool cleaning company or doing it on your own regular maintenance is vital.

Swimming Pool Money Saving Palmdale Lancaster

Cut Swimming Pool Expenses

1. Swimming Pool Covers

Pools that have covers reduce water evaporation rates. This means adding more water becomes less frequent. They don’t cost much and are a great investment with a big return for saving cash. Pools with covers also keep the water warmer and because of this, the heater works less.

2. Weekly Maintenance (at least)

There is a saying, “Non-use is abuse” and that is true when maintaining your pool. Each week things like adjusting water chemistry, cleaning filters, skimming water surface and vacuuming walls and bottom are important. For instance, if the water chemical balance is left unchecked you soon will be facing an algae problem which is costly to correct.

3. Water Features (Fountains, Waterfalls)

Backyard swimming pools that have waterfalls or fountains also eat up lots of energy when left running. Sure they look great, give a nice ambiance and are soothing to see and hear but they cost money to run. When not at home make it a point to turn off fountains, waterfalls or cascades. This will add up to a great savings over time.

4. Swimming Pool Pump

Does the pump run more than 10 hours a day? Do you still have an old one-speed pump? If the answer is yes to either of these questions there is money ready for saving. Cutting run times by 2 hours each day of the week will save around $10 a month. More money is also saved when pumps run during off-peak times. Also, replacing your old single speed pump with a variable speed pool pump dramatically cuts operating costs each month.


5. Water Temperature

Many folks love having a nice warm swimming pool ready to use. A warm pool with friends on a cold night in the Antelope Valley is a great thing. With those good times comes a price when keeping the water warm. Save extra money by lowering the temp of the water a few degrees to where it is still comfy for swimming. A rule of thumb is when not in use, keep the water temps down.

We hope the advice above helps some of our Palmdale, Lancaster and Quartz Hill clients save money managing their swimming pool.

Maintaining Residential Pools Lancaster Homes Healthy Swimming

Maintaining Residential Pools Lancaster Homes

Maintaining Residential Pools on a regular basis is easy with Great White Pools and Spa. Whether you take a dip daily or are a Weekend and Summer swimmer, your backyard friend needs care. Swimming pool maintenance will turn your swimming pool into a personal Oasis.

Make Maintaining Your Residential Pool a New Year’s Resolution

  1. Weekly Pool Service gives you peace of mind and removes one more thing from your to-do list. A clean and healthy pool will be yours with no effort from you. On the next hot day when you want to dive into your pool will be ready for you.
  2. Water balance and filtration are vital for healthy water. Testing and regulating the water will make sure proper filtration. Out of balance levels, or incorrect filtration will make you or your family sick.
  3. Early detection of equipment problems. Issues with your pool are not easy to see until the problem is extreme. Regular maintenance by a professional will find any issue as soon as it occurs, also allowing for repairs instead of costly replacements or further damage.
  4. Lower energy bills. Summer months require about 12 hours a day filtration. During cooler months of the year, you can cut back hours. A maintenance professional will know when it’s safe to cut back circulation time while still running the filter enough to keep everything in good condition.
  5. Weekly Service prevents algae and staining. No one wants a dirty looking pool, nor does anyone want unhealthy water. Regular cleaning will prevent green water issues, as well as the growth of bad bacteria that can mar the structure, and cause viruses.

Maintaining Residential Pools Lancaster Palmdale

Maintaining Residential Pools for a Healthy and Swim Ready Pool with Weekly Service

Be ready for the first swimming day of the New Year. Maintaining Residential Pools will make sure that when you or your family want to splash around and cool down your pool will be ready. Be prepared. No one wants to wait for repair work to end before bathing suits are on. Make a healthy pool one of your first New Year’s Resolutions for your Lancaster Home.





Pool Pump Maintenance Great White Before Costly Repairs For Your Pool

Pool Pump Maintenance Before Costly Replacement

Pool Pump Maintenance is key to both a healthy swimming pool, as well as less cost for you. Maintenance and repair of your pump save damage that leaks cause also prevents replacement. Now is the time to have your pump checked and repaired as the cooler weather keeps splashing at a minimum. Why wait for a breakdown or major issue to call for help?

Pool Pump Maintenance is Important

The pool pump is one of the most important parts of the plumbing system. It is responsible for creating pressure, which forces the water to flow through the filter. It is the heart of your swimming pool. Without a working pump, your backyard friend will be scum filled, also unhealthy for your family and friends.

Pool Pump Problem Signs

Here are 5 tell-tale signs that your pool pump needs attention.

  1. Time. Motors last about 8-10 years before replacing. How long has it been? If less, now is the time for maintenance check-up and repairs.
  2. Sound. Loud screeching from the front and rear bearings are signs of trouble. A quiet motor is a healthy pump.
  3. Small repairs save money. Pool pump baskets, pump lid o-rings, or drain plugs, are simple replacements that save money in the long-run. Firstly, we find wear and tear, secondly we replace what is old and worn.
  4. Leaks. A leak in the pump is a sign of damage to the shaft seal, because of this problem your pool is in danger. Air in the basket, or air leak in the suction line, affects pump vacuum reducing filter efficiency, costing you more money. Leaks signal worn housing o-rings, bad shaft seals, bad thread sealant, or shrunken threads on discharge pipe.
  5. No Movement. Full pump baskets, or dirty and damaged baskets, restrict water from moving in the pump, also cause the pump to shut off occasionally, or permanently.

Pool Maintenance For Healthy Swimming Great White Pool Spa Service

These are a few signs of problems with your pool pump, also reasons to call for maintenance and repair today. Great White Pool and Spa are experts on pool pumps, as well as healthy swimming for your Lancaster, Palmdale, Quartz Hill, and Antelope Valley home, or business. Do not wait for a broken pump that costs money to replace. Call today and schedule a check-up for pool pump maintenance today.

Solar Swimming Pool Heating Antelope Valley CA

3 Solar Swimming Pool Heating Tips

In the Antelope Valley residents love their pools and our company is always asked about the best solar swimming pool heating tips. There are many ways to boost water temperatures making year-round swimming an enjoyable experience. Affordable solar options allow personalized customized pool heating choices. Having the right temperature water year round is not hard to meet when properly planned out. When the summer heat starts cooling and pool maintenance is less frequent there are various methods when it comes down to heating the water. One of the best ways to keep water from evaporating and keeping heat in is with a solar pool cover. Another way to keep swimming water warm is with solar rings. Finally, a liquid pool cover is also another example of solar swimming pool heating on a budget. All these methods use the sun as the heating source for your pool.

Solar Swimming Pool Heating Lancaster Palmdale

Swimming Pool Heating Tips Lancaster Palmdale

  • Solar pool cover
  • Solar rings
  • Liquid pool cover

Solar Swimming Pool Covers

Solar covers get their heat from the sun’s UV rays. These UV rays are key to heating the tiny air bubbles within the cover. When the air gets trapped and heated in these bubbles the water gets heated. The amount of heating via this method depends on how much sun your pool gets each day during the week. Color and shape also play a role but on average solar covers will boost water temps from 10-15 degrees.

Solar Swimming Pool Sun Rings

Solar sun rings are a low-cost alternative for covering and heating swimming pools. Made of a vinyl UV resistant material and measuring 60 inches in diameter. Solar rings offer measurements of 21,000 BTU’s of heating each day. Besides warming up the water via sun power they also look great with various designs to choose from.

Liquid Swimming Pool Cover

Recent studies show that liquid solar swimming pool heating is only 25% less effective compared to a plastic pool blanket during a 24 hour, 7-day weekly time frame. Liquid covers will move away from swimmers in the water then reset to cover the surface once water becomes calm.

Whatever route you decide to go the above methods will heat water while saving pool owners money. Solar covers, Sun rings, and liquid pool covers are getting more popular in the Lancaster. Palmdale and Quartz Hill areas because they cut water evaporation which is key to keeping water temps up.

5 Tips Better Backyard Swimming Pool Looks

Here are five great things for better backyard swimming pool looks on a budget. Homeowners on our service routes in the Lancaster, Palmdale and Quartz Hill areas often ask us decorating tips. The first place to start is neighborhood garage and yard sales to find lots of backyard furniture for less than what’s charged at a big box store. Local thrift stores also host many items that can spruce up the looks of your swimming pool and the entire backyard for a few bucks.

backyard swimming pool upgrades Antelope Valley

5 Tips Better Backyard Swimming Pool Looks


  1.  Find furniture at neighborhood yard sales
  2.  Cheap decorations from thrift stores
  3.  Search local swap meets
  4.  Second-hand item smart phone apps
  5.  Craigslist free items section

Just walking around the block you’ll also find lots of great items to improve the looks of your backyard and swimming pool. Many times homeowners also have their old outdoor furniture sets for sale at very low prices.

There’s great thrift stores also in Palmdale and Lancaster for decorations that will look great outside near the water. We’ve seen everything from portable tiki bars to also bird baths with fountains.

Many of our clients go to the swap meet and get very inexpensive potted plants and hanging plants that are also great decorations for the backyard.

Besides doing incredible things like automatically controlling the lighting around your swimming pool smartphones also have great apps to find local items in your neighborhood. This is the new way that’s best to connect with local folks just a few miles away.

Clean Backyard Swimmimg Pool Looks Lancaster

Use the internet for free items in your neighborhood that also enhance the looks of your backyard Oasis. With Craigslist check the free item section. Folks are throwing away furniture, inflatable lounges, plants, and many other items. These items will be a great addition to the backyard and the swimming pool. And the best part of those deals is that they are free!

Our company has serviced Antelope Valley, Lancaster, Palmdale and Quartz Hill area swimming pools for decades. We hope these tips get rid of the problem of affordably updating the pool area. Get rid of that sparse look in the backyard and on a budget create an enjoyable experience for your friends and family.

Summer Pool Maintenance

Summer Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

When it gets hot in the Antelope Valley summer swimming pool maintenance is vital. Summer months are the busiest for residential pool owners. This is because there’s no better way to beat the heat then taking a dip in the water. And with the extra use is the need to increase the maintenance. With the hotter days comes more usage each day of the week.

Extreme weather be it hot or cold effects how pools get maintained. When it’s hot and the sun is beating down on the water for longer hours it’s important to check the chemical balance of the pool water. During July and August it’s best to run the filter a bit longer, at least an extra 2 hours. If a filter doesn’t run long enough during days and weeks of the summer months water will start to lose its crystal clean look.

Summer Swimming Pool Maintenance Antelope Valley

Summer Swimming Pool Maintenance Palmdale, Lancaster, Quartz Hill

When water temps start to rise with the hotter days in the Antelope Valley more folks are using the pool boosting chlorine levels. Adding extra tabs to the chlorinator or turning the dial-up to keep the levels of the chlorine maintained. Shocking the swimming pool water also prevents bacteria and algae from creating cloudy looking water.

Pools with lots of folks going in and out daily means suntan lotion or sunblock will be entering the water too. When commercial or residential pools are not maintained each week during summer these oils will end up sticking to the pool side water line. Next thing you know there’s a dirty ring all around the pool.

Summer Pool Maintenance Palmdale Lancaster

Boosting summer swimming pool maintenance keeps water swim safe for yourself, family and guests using the pool. We hope some of these tips lets you keep your pool a clean sparkling blue all summer long. Remember with hot days the things mentioned above need maintaining a bit more. This helps prevent your Palmdale, Lancaster or Quartz Hill area pool from turning cloudy or greenish looking.







Pool Party Theme Ideas

Antelope Valley Pool Party Ideas

In the Antelope Valley pool parties are a plenty because there’s nothing better than a fun pool get-together with family and companions. Could be a child’s birthday gathering or perhaps just wanting to appreciate the sun with a pool party. Before the invites are sent here’s some fun ideas to create a unique themed pool party. There’s no limits to the look you give the backyard oasis but here’s a few festive ideas. Whatever your pool party theme it’s best to give enough seating areas and areas for serving drinks and snacks.

Remember before you start planning don’t forget to have the pool professionally cleaned the day or day before on the week of your party. Having a dirty pool or murky green water as the centerpiece of your event is the last thing a host wants to deal with. You’d be surprised at the amount of times we’ve had Antelope Valley pool owners call us on the same day as their party with just hours to go.

Antelope Valley Pool Party Themes for Summer

  • Tropical Theme
  • Beach Theme
  • Vegas

Tropical Theme

Tropical Antelope Valley Pool PartyGo tropical with a party than involves palm trees, pina coladas and some coconuts for decorations. Inflatable palm trees are inexpensive at most department stores. Many stores also have inflatable flamingos and tropical fish that really will make the theme complete. With not much time transform your pool into a spot in the Hawaiian or Caribbean islands for your guests by also adding tropical plants or flowers. Experiment with different accents of tropical colors to complete your back yard tropical oasis. There is no shortage of tropical drinks to serve so grab your favorite rum and make the party extra festive.

Beach Theme

Beach Pool Party Palmdale CAWhy not bring the beach to your Lancaster and Palmdale area pool. A vintage throw back beached themed party will bring the so-cal coast to the heart of the Antelope Valley. Add a few beach chairs, some hand-made beach signs, and a couple old surfboards and transform your backyard to a scene from your favorite Annette and Frankie 60’s beach movie. Set up a cabana, blast some beach boys and don’t forget the hawaiin shirts. Get the BBQ going with some shrimp and steaks and your guests will think its a surf and turf Malibu beach party. Accent tables with starfish and shells and keep colors to sand and blue shades.

Vegas Theme

Vedas Style Pool Party LancasterA Las Vegas Pool Party theme is also a fun idea. Vegas is known for pool gatherings and this is fun for a grown-up pool party. Use colors like red, dark, and white, with splashes of gold and green. Dice prints and gaming party table cloths are cheap and available at most discount shops. Break out the poker chips, set up some game tables and roll out that portable bar and it’s on. Of course a nice lawn area is best for this theme but not mandatory. We’ve seen pool party Vegas thmes that even had waiters and waitress serving drinks to guests as they play Vegas games. You can serve drinks while visitors play poker by the pool. Urge participants to wear their best Vegas pool outfit to make this thought finish.


Discount Pool Maintenance

Spring Swimming Pool Maintenance Savings

With warm weather on the horizon in the Antelope Valley, folks are thinking about summer swimming pool maintenance. With those warm days of swimming ahead, Great White Pool is offering a $25 spring discount until 05/17/17. Save on maintenance and equipment repairs to prepare for fun days in the sun with friends and family. Even use the savings for that new snorkel and mask or also an inflatable for the kids.

Swimming Pool Maintenance Palmdale Lancaster CA

Save on weekly maintenance or cut costs on fixing a broken pump or filter. Our technicians also check equipment, adjust water chemical balance and make sure the pool is swim-safe and ready for summer. This includes skimming the water surface, brushing the walls and vacuuming the pool’s bottom.

Swimming Pool Maintenance

  • Once a week cleaning services
  • Pump and filter repairs and installs
  • Green water cleanups
  • Chemical balancing and adjusting
  • Lighting installs and repairs

Whether it’s a one-time cleaning to prepare for the season or setting up a regular maintenance plan we’re here to lend a hand. With today’s busy lifestyles for many families, it’s common that maintenance is left undone. To make sure the pool and water are safe for swimming it’s best to hire professionals. We know many folks also don’t have extra time to properly clean, inspect equipment and make sure the water chemicals are correct. Our company has managed hundreds of pools in Palmdale, Lancaster, Quartz hill and all parts of the Antelope Valley for more than 20 years.

Swimming Pool Maintenance Palmdale, Lancaster, Quartz Hill

Antelope Valley Pool Cleaning CompanyOur family business based in Palmdale has spent decades cleaning and servicing swimming pools all throughout the Antelope Valley. From once a week to custom scheduled visits we work closely with clients giving maintenance solutions. A full-service company offering everything from certified variable speed pump installs, heater repairs, filter replacements to also tile cleaning. We love to clean pools and it shows after each time we visit. With great reviews for trusted commercial and residential maintenance plans now save a little extra this spring until May 17th, 2017.

Changing Pool Water Lancaster Palmdale

Changing Swimming Pool Water

Changing swimming pool water and how often is a question many of our Antelope Valley pool service clients ask. This is because of the recent lift on restrictions when it comes to water conservation in Palmdale and Lancaster. As a general rule of thumb change water every five to seven years. Factors like chemicals, filter, and vacuum usage, plus water type (soft or hard) plays an important role when changing water. Other things that play an important role on how often water is changed are water evaporation levels and how often pools get serviced.

Changing Swimming Pool Water Antelope Valley

Changing Swimming Pool Water Factors

As mentioned above how often you change the swimming pool water has many factors to consider. One important reason water needs changing neglected chemical balancing. If for any reason the chlorine and PH levels are not correct and drop between levels of 1.0 PPM it becomes ineffective at keeping water swim-safe. Algae and other bacteria at this point will flourish. It’s always best to have PH levels between 7.2 and 7.6.

Another thing to remember is water type. Many swimming pools and the Antelope Valley use both hard and soft water. Pools that use hard water need servicing more often because of the buildup of minerals. It’s important with hard water swimming pools to scrub and brush walls often.

If water is cloudy or green for long periods of time or smells bad those are reasons to consider changing water. There are times when shocking the pool will fix been cloudy and bad-smelling water but in cases that are very bad, it’s best to completely change the pool water.

Got questions about changing swimming pool water for you Lancaster, Palmdale or Quartz Hill area swimming pool? Our technicians have over 20 years experience maintaining swimming pools in the Antelope Valley and are here to help.


Swimming Pool Christmas Lancaster

Holiday Swimming Pool Decorations Last Minute Ideas

Need last-minute ideas for Holiday swimming pool decorations? Check out these great tips for Palmdale and Lancaster area homeowners who want to enhance their pool area for the holiday season. During the festive season why stop at the inside of your home with decorations. Holiday decorations for the pool are not as common like the items bought for the inside and front of your home. Because decorations for the pool designed for the holidays are not as available we offer some holiday pool decorating tips.

Holiday Swimming Pool Decorations

One easy idea for decorating the pool are inflatable DIY floating decorations. With some cheap inflatable rings and holiday lawn decorations transforming your pool into a wintertime wonderland is quite easy!

Holiday swimming pool decorations Palmdale Lancaster

Even the most minimal effort will deliver some of the best-looking results. Adding underwater pool lights in red and green will bring colorful festive results.

Holiday Swimming Pool Lighting

Swimming Pool Holiday Lighting

Even if you don’t feel like decorating your pool just adding simple underwater lights will do wonders. With holidays come family and friends and what better way to entertain than to spruce up the pool lighting. Waterproof submersible lights are great decorations too. With clear casings, they help light spread the light across the water. Because submersible lights are clear they blend with the water to create a lighting effect that illuminates the water as if it’s been colored. Just a few color changes and the result will be immediate to the eye. With current automated pool lighting technology, it’s possible to know have entire color schemes changing from a smart phone.

If pressed for time right before the family gathers and want to include your pool as part of the festivities these tips will help. Our pool service company has seen great lights and effects over the years of supporting residential swimming pools. Make this year one that includes a new look for the pool area. And from us to all of you have a great holiday from us here at Great White Pool and Spa.



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