Pool Winterizing Tips Palmdale

Pool Winterizing Lancaster Palmdale Area Pools

Pool winterizing Lancaster Palmdale pools is not the same as other parts of the country where temps are lower. We get calls often from clients asking about pool winterizing. The Antelope Valley gets chilly in winter and during this time pools go inactive for periods of time. During the drop in weather there’s less use of the pool so here’s some tips to protect your pool and equipment. One tip is reducing pump run times to cut operation wear. Another option is having a pool cover to stop heavy winds from blowing dirt and debris into the water. If temps do get to freezing remember to run your pump to keep your water lines safe.Pool Winterizing Lancaster

Pool Winterizing Lancaster Palmdale

When the weather chills much effort goes into getting a pool ready for winter. In climates where freezing is a winter issue this means draining a part of the pool, put anti freeze into water lines and reducing run times on equipment. Whereas here in Lancaster, Palmdale and Quartz Hill winterizing swimming pools is not as intense. Just like summer it’s vital in winter for regular pool service. Many times owners will cut back on the amount of regular cleanings and within a few days problems arise. Issues like algae spots appearing will lead to extra cleaning costs if left untreated for a few weeks.

It’s best to keep an eye on the pool during cold months when used less. Our Lancaster Palmdale area pool cleaning company gives professional winterizing services for the off-season. Everything from making sure freeze units are working correctly and monitoring equipment like, pumps, filters and motors. This is important because regular maintenance like this keeps weather related issues at bay and pumps and filters running smooth. Is your Palmdale, Lancaster or Quartz Hill pool ready for winter? Contact our company today and speak with one of our aquatic technicians about pool winterizing services.

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Great White Pools Lancaster Andrew MitchellRepresenting the Lancaster, Palmdale and Quartz Hill communities Great White Pool and Spas family member Andrew Mitchell got nominated for high school performance of the week in track and field. Andrew a Senior at Lancaster Desert Christian ran 14:25 to win seeded race at 43rd Bell-Jeff Invitational, No. 10 all-time on the 2.94-mile Griffith Park course. This is a national poll so lets help make team Great White Pool and Spa and Lancaster CA proud!

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Great White Pool Cleaning Company Baby Tips

Baby Swimming Tips Great White Pool Cleaning

Our pool cleaning company is often asked by Lancaster Palmdale owners of pools about babies and their first time swimming or being in water. When getting your young one ready for their first day it’s best to start in the bathtub. At six months a baby with an adult is safe in the pool but many feel safer in the tub. One tip is to join baby in the bath to show the young one how relaxing in a water environment is. Having a regular cleaning schedule for both your pool weekly and child daily in the tub makes keeping kids and backyard pools clean and happier. Of course it’s best to bond with your recent newborn because this type of service has a value impossible to measure.

Great White Pool Cleaning Lancaster Palmdale Baby TipsStart off getting in the tub with your baby to make him or her feel more relaxed. It’s best to splash water lightly on the face because it’s like a splash of pool water. Once comfy a quick dunk of the head underwater. Once baby enjoys their head dunked learning to float is next. While holding the baby lower them into the water. Keep holding the child until they become relaxed and comfortable. In no time you’ll see your little one splashing, laughing and loving the water. Adding floating toys suitable for babies will further improve water skills where they are moving their limbs in the water. Believe or not some of these kids even start their own pool cleaning companies as adults. Now that’s a love of being near water!

Great White Pool Cleaning Baby Swimming Tips

  • Set regular cleaning time for baths
  • Make sure baby is not hungry or tired
  • Have a warm & comfortable water temp
  • Create a fun environment for cleaning in the tub

Always supervise your baby, toddler or young one when in the water whether the tub or swimming pools. Reinforcing fun in the water builds a toddlers confidence and it’s all because you started in the bath. When moving to swimming pools to teach children swimming there are lots of great articles online to read. As parents of children ourselves and residents of the Palmdale Lancaster area we’ve seen toddlers become swimming greats through the years while cleaning pools of our customers.


Pool Filter Maintenance is Important

Pool filter maintenance in this part of the Antelope Valley is vital but many homeowners do not know this. Ones that do know try to do cleaning and repairing cartridges on their own, but is it worth it? Pool filter cartridges are not cheap and if not kept up weekly you’ll end up losing some money.

Our pool cleaning company operates in Palmdale, Lancaster and Quartz Hill providing a full spectrum of services. Some of our services include week by week maintenance, swimming pool equipment fixes and green water cleaning. If there’s one thing we know it’s filters and the damage that can occur when not properly maintained.

Pool filter maintenance Palmdale CA

If you want to keep up water cleanliness then it’s vital to keep your pool filter clean. The main type of filter systems include sand, cartridge and DE filter systems.  And for over 20 years we’ve worked with all makes and models.

Our Lancaster, Quartz Hill and Palmdale clients often ask how often filters need cleaning? This is different with different filters but the best thing to do is take a reading when the filter is clean. If the PSI pressure goes above 10 then it’s time to do a cleaning. Be careful because  clogged filters get dirty and back pressure rises and overall rate of flow drops.

Pool Filter Maintenance

With cartridge filters It’s always important to watch their operation and make sure there’s never too much flow through the filter. Most filters have a label that will show the greatest pressure rating. Make sure to always stay within this guideline. Pressure readings vary depending on the filter and if it’s properly sized for your system.

swimming pool filter service Lancaster

Our company offers filter repairs and replacements for most popular filters. Our annual pool filter maintenance includes removing large particles and debris and letting it sit in a cleaning solution. This will get rid of any nasty build up. If you can’t remember repairing your filter or having it checked out call us to help.

Our company provides pool filter cleaning and replacement services in Lancaster, Palmdale and Quartz Hill.

Pool Algae Removal Services Lancaster, Palmdale, Quartz Hill

Pool Algae Removal Services LancasterNeed pool algae removal services by pros in Lancaster, Palmdale or Quartz Hill because of algae growth? Our company has removed green, yellow, black and pink algae from pools for over two decades in the Antelope Valley. The best way to treat algae is weekly maintenance and that’s because brushing walls, bottom and steps prevents algae growth. Having the right water chemistry also is an important factor along with proper working filters and pumps. If left untreated spores will turn to blooms and that means a tougher time removing the algae so don’t wait if there’s a problem. It really only takes hours for algae to disrupt the entire water chemistry of a pool.

There are three kinds of algae often found in pools that need removed which are black, green and yellow (mustard) algae. The yellow mustard algae is found in shady areas of the water and at times looks like dirt on the bottom. Algae that is black appears the least but it is the most difficult to remove. Its size is usually no bigger than a quarter and appears as dark spots. Ridding swimming pools of algae is a hard job and the toughest is black algae that requires heavy-duty brushing and strong chemical treatments. This is because black algae literally grows its roots into the surfaces it attacks.

Pool Algae Removal Services

  • Shocking treatments
  • Algaecide treating
  • Shock & algaecide treatment

Before calling an expert for pool algae removal services to handle algae problems first check and backwash filters along with making sure water chemistry is correct. For prevention daily brushing walls and other algae problem spots keeps algae at bay. Be careful of not damaging the walls and steps due to using the wrong brush. It’s ok to use wire brushes for plaster pools but never on fiberglass, tile or vinyl. For these types of surfaces a nylon brush is fine. Shocking up to three times over 36 hours when algae is severe is common. When doing multiple shock treatments it’s normal for cloudy water at this time. This will clear itself up after the filter has run for some time.

Removing Swimming Pool Algae Palmdale

Our pool cleaning company has proudly served the Lancaster, Palmdale and Quartz Hill for 20+ years with maintenance and repairs. We know what it takes to end algae from residential and commercial swimming pools. Restore that clear blue water once more with our algae removal services.

Unlicensed Versus Licensed Pool Service

There’s both unlicensed and licensed pool service for hire in the Palmdale Lancaster area. When it comes to the latter pool owners often tell horror stories about companies that they found not authorized to support swimming pools after hiring them. Some folks don’t realize there needs to be a permit issued to run a swimming pool maintenance company. Because of this and the wish to lower weekly upkeep costs some pool owners choose an unlicensed contractor… but is it worth it?
Licensed Pool Service Lancaster

Why hire a Palmdale Lancaster Licensed Pool Service Professional

To be a legit pool company state exams are took and passed before a license gets issued. These exams tell swimming pool techs about every piece of equipment that keeps your pool running. A licensed pool service company in Lancaster, Palmdale and Quartz Hill must keep up training to stay up to date on code changes for the area. These reasons are a main cause why smart pool owners will hire professionals to do the regular maintenance for cleaning their pool and keeping the water swim safe.

How would I know if a pool company is licensed?

Licensed Pool Company Palmdale CAThis is one of the most popular questions are Palmdale and Lancaster area pool servicemen get asked. The most straightforward way is to ask. An honest pool cleaning company will have no issue providing a permit to check their competency. Any company that gives you trouble for asking is clearly trying to steer you away from something shady. Be shrewd, make inquiries and check references. Balancing water chemicals and doing repairs like fixing variable speed pumps, filters and underwater lights is always best done by licensed a pool service professional. When using a licensed pool company to aid with keeping your swimming pool and spa in order it’s good knowing the persons helping keep the water clean are licensed. Besides this employees for a licensed pool company also go through a background check. Think about it. You are letting a person or persons into your backyard. A licensed pool cleaning company cuts the worrying if your pool man is on the up and up.
Great White Pool and Spa is a licensed pool service company operating in the Palmdale, Lancaster and Quartz Hill areas for over 20 years.

Pool Maintenance Help Lancaster Palmdale Area

Need pool maintenance help Lancaster? How about nearby Palmdale? Our technicians help swimming pools stay kept up all year round! Have you considered a pool support professional to get your swimming water swim safe and ready for summer? With such an incredible climate in this part of the Antelope Valley it’s a shame if you can’t use the swimming pool because of equipment issues. For daily swimmers and heavy pool users that are short on time hiring an expert to help keep up your swimming pool and all its gear is fundamental to keeping your water swim safe all year round.

Pool Maintenance Help Lancaster PalmdaleIf spending more energy than you’d like keeping up the pool and scratching your head when it comes to fixing a pump or motor then it might be time to call a pro. With more than 20 years in the industry our accomplished pool repair and cleaning specialists will check your swimming pool framework and offer a servicing that will be the best fit. For day by day, bi-week and week by week cleanings it’s a best to have an expert lend a hand especially for heavily used swimming pools.

Expert Pool Maintenance Help Lancaster Palmdale Areas

When you have an expert taking care of your pool you get info from someone with more experience in dealing with the obligations of keeping a swim safe environment than yourself. Pool equipment like pumps, filters and motors that get faulty and left unattended for long periods of time will bring about genuine harm to your pool equipment and your wallet. This is a main reason having a professional fix pool equipment is best.

pool help and maintenance palmdale

There are many advantages to having a professional company deal with managing your swimming pool and the water people swim in. People swimming in your pool are your responsibility when it comes to the water being swim safe. Having someone become ill or have their eyes stinging from the water gets avoided with regular pool care by a professional.

Our trucks are fully stocked and we are available to assist both residential and commercial swimming pools in Lancaster, Palmdale and Quartz Hill.



Lancaster Pool Cleaning Palmdale

Having a Clean Pool When Selling Your Home

Clean Pool When Selling Lancaster HomeWhen selling your home having a clean pool will help bring in better offers. A swimming pool needs staging to showcase the backyard paradise new owners will be getting. We’ve heard the stories over and over from our Lancaster and Palmdale pool service customers. If maintaining a pool on your own it’s best to hire a professional to make sure your swimming pool and spa are in top form for showing. Cleaning plaster stains and dirty tiles will go a long way when it comes to appearances. Owners or real estate agents will also want to make sure equipment like motors, pumps, filters and heaters are all in order. Consider weekly pool cleanings to keep water clean, swim ready and looking sparkling clean while the house is for sale. Some of the best real estate agents and property management companies always stage the backyard swimming pool area because it adds more value compared to the cost it takes to keep it maintained.

Pool Cleaning When Selling Your Palmdale, Lancaster Home

Home Sale Pool Cleaning PalmdaleStore floats, rafts and inflatable lounges out of site for a cleaner look. Dispose of old unused toys no longer in use to keep the pool area clean and clutter free. If the deck has not been cleaned or washed in some time wash it thoroughly or pressure wash it. For a super fresh and clean look add a new layer of sealant to shine new life to the deck surface. If the backyard has outdoor furniture clean everything so it looks inviting for interested buyers. If there’s no outside furniture you can also hire a staging service to bring in furniture to add a look that will give buyers visions of entertaining friends and family with backyard pool parties. Trimming backyard landscape shrubs bushes and plants plus a fresh-cut backyard will also add a perfect complement for showcasing your pool.

A Clean Pool For a Quicker and Better Sale

By having your swimming pool and spa in a pristine state increases the odds of a better asking price. The summer months in Lancaster, Palmdale and Quartz Hill are the best times to sell home with its clean and maintained swimming pool.

Fix Cloudy Swimming Pool Water

Turn-Cloudy-Pool-Water-Clear-Lancaster-PalmdaleLooking to fix cloudy pool water for your Lancaster Palmdale area swimming pool? Pool water needs kept up and maintained regularly to keep it safe for swimming. If not maintained even the most luxurious pool can become an eyesore to look at. There’s nothing worse than looking forward to a refreshing swim to cool off from the heat that’s hampered by a cloudy pool. What makes the water cloudy? There’s a few reasons why your water becomes murky and unattractive. Below are a few of the most common factors to check out.

Pool Filters

If pool filters are not ran for the required amount of time of at least 8 hours, the water will soon get cloudy. Your filter constantly cleans the water of harmful contaminants when running. When the filter is left off the water will soon become stagnant.

Chemical Balance

Other cloudiness factors are due to the chemicals used to treat the water. pH levels and Calcium hardness, declining levels of chlorine all cause cloudy water. Without proper chemical balancing unwanted contaminates will grow in the water creating a murky appearance.

Weather and Environment

The environment around your swimming pool also has a large impact of the water condition. Heavy winds, rain, animals, trees, bushes, sunshine, swimmers and algae growth contribute to murky waters. Pool covers are great to keep the water clean when not in use.

Cloudy Water Fixes For Quartz Hill,Palmdale & Lancaster Pools

  • Test kit to check chemical balance
  • Vacuum pool bottom weekly
  • Kept out debris like dirt & leaves
  • Skim pool water surface often
  • Check filter is not in need of fixing
  • Scrub pool walls, steps, bottom

Our pool cleaning company has cleared up cloudy pools in Palmdale, Lancaster and the Quartz Hill areas of the Antelope Valley for over twenty years. Our maintenance trucks stock everything required to professionally service your swimming pool. We know how to keep water sparking clean and crystal clear. If you need help for your Lancaster Palmdale area swimming pool or spa call one of our experienced aquatic technicians today.

Party Ideas For Lancaster Palmdale Pool Owners

Lancaster Palmdale Pool Party IdeasDive into these great pool party ideas and tips for your next Lancaster, Palmdale or Quartz Hill pool party. Make a real splash with kids, friends and family at your next waterside party. The best place to start is with your invitations. Having an invitation that has a water based theme will help set the mood. A fun idea is to buy rubber swim caps and with a marker write attendees name on them. Half the fun of this is not how your guests will look but who will be festive enough to wear theirs. Color inflatable rafts and floating lounges purchased at most department stores add great colors when placed in the water. Other party ideas like squirt guns, adjustable fins, masks and snorkels are a treat for the young ones. When it comes to games for your guests to play in and around the water options are many. We’ve seen inflatable table tennis games, basketball hoop and rim, water polo goals and water volleyball nets which are great for family team parties. Of course you can go old school and have some fun competition swim relay races too. Purchasing a few cheap underwater cameras is a great idea for guests to capture the fun from underwater. Want to keep some of  the young ones out of the water? Buy small inflatable bouncy toys that they can play on in the yard.

Palmdale, Lancaster, Quartz Hill Pool Party Ideas

  • Aquatic themed invitations
  • Water rafts and lounges for guests
  • Squirt guns, masks, fins for kids
  • Swim races, water polo, water volleyball
  • Decorative plates, cups and plastic ware

Aquatic Technician Lancaster PalmdaleWe’ve been to plenty pool parties in Lancaster, Palmdale and Quartz Hill and have noticed a good starting point for snacks and refreshments is to have colorful plates, napkins, cups and plastic ware to match the color theme of your party. As an easy snack those fished shaped crackers will go along way along with staples like chips and dip. Iced tea and lemonade are perfect party drink ideas for your guests to quench their thirst when not swimming and having fun. Chilled drinks in bottles placed in colorful beach pails filled with ice will also create a nice touch. Ideas for a table setting can include using a life-preserver placed in the middle as a centerpiece. It’s best to make food ahead of time and easy dishes like potato salad and cole slaw ready before the party is a good idea. You can schedule dishes brought by guests ala potluck as well. To tie it all together having colorful streamers to hang around the patio and backyard will keep the atmosphere festive all throughout the backyard. For parties extending into the evening floating lights look great in the water at night. For automated swimming pool set-ups you can even program a custom light show to show off to your guests. No matter the size of your party we hope these tips and pool party ideas make a splash with at your next Lancaster, Palmdale or Quartz Hill water fun get together.

Great White Pool Service Lancaster, Palmdale and Quartz Hill

From large commercial swimming pools to residential pools our company has operated in this part of the Antelope Valley for nearly 25 years. With great reviews for our prompt and reliable weekly maintenance and professional repairs we’re here to help. Contact one of our friendly aquatic technicians today to learn more about our services in Lancaster, Palmdale and Quartz Hill.

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