Fix Cloudy Swimming Pool Water

Turn-Cloudy-Pool-Water-Clear-Lancaster-PalmdaleLooking to fix cloudy pool water for your Lancaster Palmdale area swimming pool? Pool water needs kept up and maintained regularly to keep it safe for swimming. If not maintained even the most luxurious pool can become an eyesore to look at. There’s nothing worse than looking forward to a refreshing swim to cool off from the heat that’s hampered by a cloudy pool. What makes the water cloudy? There’s a few reasons why your water becomes murky and unattractive. Below are a few of the most common factors to check out.

Pool Filters

If pool filters are not ran for the required amount of time of at least 8 hours, the water will soon get cloudy. Your filter constantly cleans the water of harmful contaminants when running. When the filter is left off the water will soon become stagnant.

Chemical Balance

Other cloudiness factors are due to the chemicals used to treat the water. pH levels and Calcium hardness, declining levels of chlorine all cause cloudy water. Without proper chemical balancing unwanted contaminates will grow in the water creating a murky appearance.

Weather and Environment

The environment around your swimming pool also has a large impact of the water condition. Heavy winds, rain, animals, trees, bushes, sunshine, swimmers and algae growth contribute to murky waters. Pool covers are great to keep the water clean when not in use.

Cloudy Water Fixes For Quartz Hill,Palmdale & Lancaster Pools

  • Test kit to check chemical balance
  • Vacuum pool bottom weekly
  • Kept out debris like dirt & leaves
  • Skim pool water surface often
  • Check filter is not in need of fixing
  • Scrub pool walls, steps, bottom

Our pool cleaning company has cleared up cloudy pools in Palmdale, Lancaster and the Quartz Hill areas of the Antelope Valley for over twenty years. Our maintenance trucks stock everything required to professionally service your swimming pool. We know how to keep water sparking clean and crystal clear. If you need help for your Lancaster Palmdale area swimming pool or spa call one of our experienced aquatic technicians today.

Party Ideas For Lancaster Palmdale Pool Owners

Lancaster Palmdale Pool Party IdeasDive into these great pool party ideas and tips for your next Lancaster, Palmdale or Quartz Hill pool party. Make a real splash with kids, friends and family at your next waterside party. The best place to start is with your invitations. Having an invitation that has a water based theme will help set the mood. A fun idea is to buy rubber swim caps and with a marker write attendees name on them. Half the fun of this is not how your guests will look but who will be festive enough to wear theirs. Color inflatable rafts and floating lounges purchased at most department stores add great colors when placed in the water. Other party ideas like squirt guns, adjustable fins, masks and snorkels are a treat for the young ones. When it comes to games for your guests to play in and around the water options are many. We’ve seen inflatable table tennis games, basketball hoop and rim, water polo goals and water volleyball nets which are great for family team parties. Of course you can go old school and have some fun competition swim relay races too. Purchasing a few cheap underwater cameras is a great idea for guests to capture the fun from underwater. Want to keep some of  the young ones out of the water? Buy small inflatable bouncy toys that they can play on in the yard.

Palmdale, Lancaster, Quartz Hill Pool Party Ideas

  • Aquatic themed invitations
  • Water rafts and lounges for guests
  • Squirt guns, masks, fins for kids
  • Swim races, water polo, water volleyball
  • Decorative plates, cups and plastic ware

Aquatic Technician Lancaster PalmdaleWe’ve been to plenty pool parties in Lancaster, Palmdale and Quartz Hill and have noticed a good starting point for snacks and refreshments is to have colorful plates, napkins, cups and plastic ware to match the color theme of your party. As an easy snack those fished shaped crackers will go along way along with staples like chips and dip. Iced tea and lemonade are perfect party drink ideas for your guests to quench their thirst when not swimming and having fun. Chilled drinks in bottles placed in colorful beach pails filled with ice will also create a nice touch. Ideas for a table setting can include using a life-preserver placed in the middle as a centerpiece. It’s best to make food ahead of time and easy dishes like potato salad and cole slaw ready before the party is a good idea. You can schedule dishes brought by guests ala potluck as well. To tie it all together having colorful streamers to hang around the patio and backyard will keep the atmosphere festive all throughout the backyard. For parties extending into the evening floating lights look great in the water at night. For automated swimming pool set-ups you can even program a custom light show to show off to your guests. No matter the size of your party we hope these tips and pool party ideas make a splash with at your next Lancaster, Palmdale or Quartz Hill water fun get together.

Great White Pool Service Lancaster, Palmdale and Quartz Hill

From large commercial swimming pools to residential pools our company has operated in this part of the Antelope Valley for nearly 25 years. With great reviews for our prompt and reliable weekly maintenance and professional repairs we’re here to help. Contact one of our friendly aquatic technicians today to learn more about our services in Lancaster, Palmdale and Quartz Hill.

Pool Leak Detection and Water Saving Drought Tips

Pool Drought Tips LancasterA pool leak detection during droughts and other tips for Palmdale, Lancaster and Quartz Hill residents to conserve water. California is now in its fourth year and the drought situation is serious. Not only do you need to keep your commercial and residential pools clean and properly maintained, but also make sure water stays in instead of escaping during droughts. When the weather heats up and there’s lack of rain water can evaporate up to 8 feet each year. With all the media attention there’s been lots said about swimming pools wasting water during droughts. This is just not true. As an example a lawn of the same size uses more water for maintenance. Of course you could get rid of that luxury watering hole, but hey, this is California. Swimming in your backyard with friends and family is just something we do here. Although some communities have put bans on filling pools like in the bay area here in Antelope Valley laws are still normal. With that being said Lancaster, Palmdale and Quartz Hill area pool owners should check these below tips and ideas to help to conserve water in these extra dry times.

Drought Tips For Lancaster, Palmdale & Quartz Hill Pool Owners

During these extra hot times it’s best for Palmdale, Quartz Hill and Lancaster pool owners be responsible. It’s best to make sure you check everything possible to see if you can save water. Our company has fixed and serviced many pools in the Antelope Valley that are losing more water when compared to normal evaporation. Pool leak detection are a good idea if you have noticed any rapid water loss. A little leak in equipment or the pool’s structure can amount to a big loss of water. A small leak that loses and inch of water each day can waste over 100,000 of precious water each year. Having a cover can also cut evaporation by up to 50%. That means less times filling the water up to safe levels. Less hassle liquid covers are now available that cut at least 30% of evaporation. Another tip to save water is lowering your water temps. Evaporation is more rapid with warm water. If you have water features like fountains and waterfalls it’s best to shut those or cut usage to cut extra water loss. Another idea is to clean your filters. By cleaning filters each week your system will run more efficiently using less water. If you do lots of diving and splashing remember that all water going outside is gone and lost. It’s important to also have the correct water chemical balance to cut using excess water to correct. Having a properly maintained chemical balance will also make your water swim safe. Also cut the amount of times you backwash your system. If you keep your filter clean back washing less often saves more water.

Our company has kept up and supported commercial and residential pools and spas in Palmdale, Lancaster and Quartz Hill for over two decades. Feel free to contact us about any of your pool and spa services.

Pool Drought Tips Palmdale CA

Pool Exercises to Burn Calories

Swimming Pool Exercises LancasterMost people see pool exercises as a dip and splash in the water while relaxing in the backyard. We’ve learned a bit from Lancaster, Palmdale and Quartz Hill pool owners who use their water playgrounds for exercising. The thought of swimming multiple laps in your pool doesn’t sound like much of a relaxing time though. By breaking this thought you will soon learn that a regular swimming routine before or after work is a great cardio workout. Pool exercising is a perfect near zero impact solution for a full body workout that guarantees to burn calories fast. Swimming also stretches your body out in ways that you’d not normally do during a regular exercise routine. From head to toe swimming is a great exercise and here are a few reasons why a water workout is great addition to your daily exercise routine.

Swimming For A Better Fitness Workout

Swimming Pool Exercising Palmdale CAPopular exercise routines like walking, jogging, hitting the gym or riding a bike can make your muscles sore. All of these high impact exercises are great but when adding a low impact swim session to your repertoire you’re giving these parts of your body a rest. Swimming supports 90% of  your body’s weight which means less pain compared to traditional exercise routines. The best part is your still burning calories. Lot’s of calories. Exercising all your muscles in a low impact environment gives your joints, hips, ankles and knees a rest and at the same time exercises new muscles.

Swimming For A Better Toned Body

Pool Exercises Quartz Hill CAEveryone knows that swimming is great for toning your arms, legs and shoulders. What is less known is that water is over 700 times denser than air. This is important to note because the resistance when swimming is constant so your body does more to produce forward movement. Compared to weightlifting and running swimming exercises dramatically cut any chances of injury. When swimming for exercise say goodbye to weightlifting strains and sore joints from running. Swimming will tone your entire body with no hitting the gym doing sit-ups or crunches.

Swim For A Stronger & Healthy Heart

Swimming for Heart BenefitsSwimming does wonders for your breathing by making your body learn new ways to fill your lungs with air. Swimming pool exercises will make your heart and lungs develop more with the ways you intake oxygen. Swimming is an aerobic workout and with each lap you swim your heart muscles will be stronger and your hearts health will vastly improve over time. When it comes to blood pressure and cholesterol levels swimming exercises deliver the most health benefits for hearts. A 30 minute swim can reduce risks of coronary heart disease by 40%. Swimming also cuts the risks of developing diabetes.

Swimming Exercises Build Confidence

Swimming Builds ConfidenceEven if you are not the best swimmer over time you’ll become less fearful in the water and your overall confidence will grow. The same for learning any new skill. Once you master it your confidence goes throw the roof and you tend to keep pushing for better results as you become more confident. By setting goals of swimming 1, 2, 3 or more laps and meeting these goals not only will your body be getting more fit but your mental strength will grow stronger with each new goal reached. Just remember to pace your self and find a comfortable amount of laps to start with even if it’s just one.

Swimming For Overall Better Health

Swimming For Better HealthThe benefits of pool exercises are many and swimming is a great way to burn calories. 30 minutes of recreational swimming will burn up to 220 calories. A moderate 30 minute swim will burn up to 370 calories. Vigorously swimming laps for 30 minutes burns up to 550 calories. You would have to run nearly 8 miles per hour for 30 minutes to burn as much calories. Swimming improves body posture, controls hunger, reduces stress and most of all makes you happy! Our Palmdale based pool cleaning company serves nearby Quartz Hill and Palmdale area and go beyond maintenance and repairs for pools and spas. We have provided water leisure services for over 20 years in the Antelope Valley are always want your swimming experience a safe and healthy one. Got a water based exercise tip you want to share? Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter and share your experience with other Palmdale, Lancaster and Quartz Hill pool owners.

Gas vs Solar Pool Heaters, What’s Best?

Solar and Gas Pool Heaters Lancaster Palmdale

Choosing a gas or solar pool heater is a daunting task. There are many advantages and disadvantages with each. It’s best to compare various makes and models to get the perfect match for the amount of water that needs heated. Here’s a list of pros and cons to help better decide the right fit for your set-up.

Gas Pool Heaters

Gas Pool Heater Lancaster CAThese pool heaters run on both natural gas and propane to warm the water for swimming. Over many years gas heaters have been the most popular units, but for heating your pool their popularity has dropped because of rising gas prices. Here in the Palmdale, Quartz Hill and Lancaster area though, where the winters are not cold and harsh like the east coast, these heaters are still heavily used. Factor in new energy-efficient heat pumps that are getting more popular the costs to run can vary with each type of heater. Also consider how many days out of the year you use your pool.

Gas Heater Pros

  • Cheaper with models for $1500
  • Run separate to the air temp
  • Heats swimming pool faster

Gas Heater Cons

  • Pricey to run costing up to $500 monthly
  • Save less energy when operating
  • Needs replacing within 5 years
  • Not friendly to the environment

Solar Pool Heaters

Solar Pool Heater Lancaster CA

Solar pool heaters use the sun to bring power to your swimming pool via solar panels. The panels soak up sun rays and collect heat. Once hot water passes through the panels heating the water it then gets pushed through your pump. In climates that get less sun an auxiliary heaters is often used. These units need space to set up and sometimes finding the best place is not easy.

Solar Heater Pros

  • Cost less to run $50-$150 monthly
  • Can heat water for up to 20 years
  • Energy-efficient when used with pumps
  • Environmentally safe with no pollution

Solar Heater Cons

  • Setups cost more at over $5,000
  • Will not run during nighttime
  • Sub par performance on cloudy days
  • Panels placed on roof & lawn may not look good

If you’re in the Palmdale, Lancaster and Quartz Hill area and are unsure which heater is best give us a call. We will answer any questions about upgrading or repairing pool heaters. We have over 20 years of experience working with all makes, types and models of pool heaters. Our aquatic technicians are specialists that can complete many heater projects that other repairmen can’t.

Pools and Lawns During Drought

Swimming Pool versus lawns in Palmdale Lancaster AreaYou’ve heard it all over the news. Southern California is in a drought. As a pool cleaning company in the Lancaster Palmdale area we know all about extended periods of hot weather with no rain. There’s been lots of debates on swimming pools and the water they use. Recent studies show that a turf lawn that’s the same size as your swimming pool uses more water over a three-year period if your pool is 500 square ft. with a deck size of 500 square ft compared to a 1,000 sq. feet of landscaping. California is in a bad drought and swimming pool owners have a bad rap for having a watery oasis to escape to in their backyards. Many water companies have even stopped new pool construction projects. At same time they put limits on the amount water your pool can use. Now after some time to look at the situation more closely water agencies are finding out that having swimming pools are not the water wasters like first thought.

Pools vs Lawns During a Drought

Swimming Pool versus lawns  during droughtExpert research shows that pools and the adjoining deck areas use the same water amount as your front lawn that is the same in size. Another water saving tip is to make sure you repair your swimming pool equipment when any issues arise. Leaking pumps and filters can really waste water. Another water saving tip is to have a pool cover. In the course of a few years your pool may even use less water with a cover by cutting the evaporation rate by 50%. This makes your pool use much less water compared to maintaining grass and just as efficient as a drought resistant landscape. Summer is here in Lancaster and Palmdale so don’t feel guilty about enjoying pool for a refreshing swim.

Swimming Pool Safety

Swimming Pool Safety Lancaster CAThere’s no better time for Lancaster and Palmdale swimming pool owners than relaxing and swimming in your backyard paradise during hot summer months. Swimming pool safety is a constant for keeping your children and guests safe while enjoying your backyard water playground. Death by drowning is a major cause of death for children between the ages of one and four. For babies and toddlers drowning accidents when swimming is one of the greatest risks parents can face. The best way to keep a person from an accidental drowning is to make sure the proper measures in place to keep your water swim safe. Fences around your pool’s perimeter, life jackets and adult supervision are a few reasons on the top of the list. Also having some one who knows CPR near the pool is a huge benefit for keeping you, your family and guests safe while enjoying the water. When added up all the above safety tips will cut the risks of accidents and potential drowning situations.

Swimming Pool Safety For Lancaster & Palmdale Pools and Spas

Swimming Pool Safety Palmdale CAA four-sided fence that acts as a barrier between your home and the water can cut drownings by children and toddlers by 50%. The fence is no lower than four feet in height with latching gates that open out. For many parents keeping your swimming pool or spa safe means making sure young ones know how to swim at an early age is a great safety measure that reduces accidental drownings and injuries. A child as young as one years old and can learn to swim in water. Professional swimming lessons for children under the age of 4 can lower swimming accidents by almost 90%. Having life jackets near by and available for less experienced swimmers is also another vital pool safety item to have. Adult supervision is always necessary when young and inexperienced swimmers are in and around the water. Always keep in mind that a small child should never be left alone near the water. It can only take 5 minutes of a child being out of sight for a drowning to occur. Supervision means just that. It does not mean sitting outside texting or talking on your phone or playing board games while a youngster is swimming nearby. When enjoying a swim in the water with your child always be an arm’s length away. Yourself or someone on hand when people are swimming that knows CPR is also a vital part of keeping everyone in your swimming pool area safe. If an accidental drowning does occur by having yourself or another person present who knows CPR can dramatically cut drowning injuries.

Besides professionally maintaining swimming pools and spas in Lancaster, Palmdale and Quartz Hill CA we also like to do what we can to help protect our customers and the community. We hope these tips help keep you, your family and guests swimming safely for years to come!

Pool Maintenance Lancaster After Raining

Pool Maintenance After The Rain

We’re often asked what type of pool maintenance is best after it rains. On average Lancaster, Palmdale, and Quartz Hill get 8 inches of rain per year. That means there are lots of weeks of dry weather. A swimming pool can get very dirty after it rains. Leaves and other debris especially after heavy winds will find its way into your water. A heavy rain can lessen your water chemistry and throw off the pH balance. If the rain is light still checking the chemistry is a smart thing to do. The most vital part of pool maintenance for residential outside pools after a heavy rain is to fully clean the pool surface and bottom. Then check the current water chemistry levels inspecting alkalinity, pH and sanitizer levels. After cleaning a test of your water chemistry will give info on changes with alkalinity that will change to keep the pH balanced. Rain will make your water dirty and inspecting chlorine and sanitizer levels will help make sure any harmful agents are properly treated. Heavy rains will also increase the overall water level and if it’s too much an easy fix is to drain some water out by using the waste setting on your pump.

Post Rain Palmdale & Lancaster Pool Maintenance

Pool Maintenance Palmdale After RainsShocking your pool is also a good idea when maintaining your pool after a rain storm. With a heavy rain all sorts of contaminants can and will make their way from the deck, patio and other spots into your water. Shocking your water will help reduce any health risks and make sure the water is swim safe. Speaking of safety, it’s always best to stay out of the pool during thunder and lighting storms. A good rule to follow is if you hear thunder it’s time to exit the water. Our company has been maintaining commercial swimming pools and cleaning residential pools in the Lancaster, Palmdale and Quartz Hill communities for 22 years and are always available to help.

Edison Pool Pump Rebates

Edison Pool Pump Rebates PalmdaleLancaster and Palmdale pool owners can save $200 with Edison pool pump rebates when updating single speed pumps to an energy-saving variable speed model. Switching out old pumps for a variable speed will cut energy costs up to 75%. Variable speed pool pumps don’t need much electricity and run at lower speeds compared to single-speed pumps. One speed pumps run at the same rate no matter what the task is. The $200 Edison pool pump rebates are ongoing but why wait to start saving money and help the environment and your pocket. Cut energy your pump and motor use with a variable speed pump that runs on a timer and operates cooler and quieter. If can’t recall repairing or replacing your pool pump in the last 8 years then you may have an older single speed model. All single family homes in Palmdale, Lancaster, Quartz Hill or the Antelope Valley qualify for the Edison rebate.

Edison Pool Pump Rebates Palmdale, Lancaster, Quartz Hill

Edison Variable Speed Pump Rebate LancasterOur pool cleaning company has installed and repairing swimming pool pumps in Lancaster, Palmdale, Quartz Hill and many parts of the Antelope Valley for 22 years now. We’ve noticed that pool owners can save $500 to $800 each year when replacing your single speed pump. That’s quite a large savings to say the least. For energy savings you can expect anywhere from 50%-75% off your electricity bill. Current Edison customers can get the rebate with two easy steps. First you need to buy a new variable speed pump and second you will need to send the completed Edison rebate application to Edison. Rebates are for single-family homes, condos and mobile homes in Lancaster, Palmdale, Quartz Hill and all Antelope Valley Edison customers. With summer near and more time being spent outside by the pool give yourself a break from the hot summer heat and why not do the same for your pump too! Feel free to reach out and call to speak with one of our aquatic technicians today about installing a new variable speed pump. One we know the size of your pool we can make recommendations on the right pump and costs associated with installing it.

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