Edison Pool Pump Rebates

Edison Pool Pump Rebates PalmdaleLancaster and Palmdale pool owners can save $200 with Edison pool pump rebates when updating single speed pumps to an energy-saving variable speed model. Switching out old pumps for a variable speed will cut energy costs up to 75%. Variable speed pool pumps don’t need much electricity and run at lower speeds compared to single-speed pumps. One speed pumps run at the same rate no matter what the task is. The $200 Edison pool pump rebates are ongoing but why wait to start saving money and help the environment and your pocket. Cut energy your pump and motor use with a variable speed pump that runs on a timer and operates cooler and quieter. If can’t recall repairing or replacing your pool pump in the last 8 years then you may have an older single speed model. All single family homes in Palmdale, Lancaster, Quartz Hill or the Antelope Valley qualify for the Edison rebate.

Edison Pool Pump Rebates Palmdale, Lancaster, Quartz Hill

Edison Variable Speed Pump Rebate LancasterOur pool cleaning company has installed and repairing swimming pool pumps in Lancaster, Palmdale, Quartz Hill and many parts of the Antelope Valley for 22 years now. We’ve noticed that pool owners can save $500 to $800 each year when replacing your single speed pump. That’s quite a large savings to say the least. For energy savings you can expect anywhere from 50%-75% off your electricity bill. Current Edison customers can get the rebate with two easy steps. First you need to buy a new variable speed pump and second you will need to send the completed Edison rebate application to Edison. Rebates are for single-family homes, condos and mobile homes in Lancaster, Palmdale, Quartz Hill and all Antelope Valley Edison customers. With summer near and more time being spent outside by the pool give yourself a break from the hot summer heat and why not do the same for your pump too! Feel free to reach out and call to speak with one of our aquatic technicians today about installing a new variable speed pump. One we know the size of your pool we can make recommendations on the right pump and costs associated with installing it.

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