Broken Pool Pump Troubleshooting

Are you troubleshooting a broken pool pump? Antelope Valley summers bring heat, and swimming is one of the best ways to cool down. If you live in Lancaster, Palmdale, or Quartz Hill, you either have a pool or know someone that does. For homeowners with a pool that also enjoy doing upkeep yourself, what happens when a problem occurs with the pump? If it stops working, the water will soon become unsafe for swimming. We have listed common problems below that make pumps stop working.

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If you notice the pool water is not as clean and clear as it is typically, then the pump is the first thing to check. Be aware that most pool pumps last 8 – 12 years. That means older units up in years may need replacing. And for new pumps having issues check these troubleshooting tips below.

Repair or Replace a Broken Pool Pump?

Can you hear the pump running? If not, make sure to check the breakers and power. Pool pumps that are running as they should but also are making loud noises could be just the cooling fan, unit vibration, or just overall noise as water runs through the pump. If power is not the problem and you know the pump is running correctly, a pump repair or replacement may be needed.

Internal parts of pumps like bearings over time may also become noisy. Seals also get damaged when large parts of chemicals pass through the skimmer. At this point, the seals leak, harming the bearings of the motor. Other issues that create noises from the pump could be the result of leaking pipes, low pool water levels, and blocking problems in the line suction. Dirty filters not appropriately maintained are another part of your system to look at because the low water flow is a direct result of this. It’s also a good idea when dealing with a broken pump to check the impeller for clogging issues. Also, overheating and electrical problems often will prevent pumps from working at all or turn off and on randomly.

swimming pool pump troubleshooting antelope valley

The Antelope Valley has many hot days. Compared to the air conditioner, swimming pools, add a big part of what your electric bill looks like each month. The time it takes water to circulate through the pool pump system and clean the pool runs between 10-12 hours. Of course, with bigger swimming pools, additional energy gets used.

Expert Swimming Pool and Spa Services in the Antelope Valley

If you need help repairing a broken pool pump, we are here to help. For pool owners with old units, we also can install a new multi-speed energy savings pump, which saves big on electric bills. We proudly offer professional pool maintenance and repairs for commercial and swimming pools in Palmdale, Lancaster, and Quartz Hill.