Party Ideas For Lancaster Palmdale Pool Owners

Lancaster Palmdale Pool Party IdeasDive into these great pool party ideas and tips for your next Lancaster, Palmdale or Quartz Hill pool party. Make a real splash with kids, friends and family at your next waterside party. The best place to start is with your invitations. Having an invitation that has a water based theme will help set the mood. A fun idea is to buy rubber swim caps and with a marker write attendees name on them. Half the fun of this is not how your guests will look but who will be festive enough to wear theirs. Color inflatable rafts and floating lounges purchased at most department stores add great colors when placed in the water. Other party ideas like squirt guns, adjustable fins, masks and snorkels are a treat for the young ones. When it comes to games for your guests to play in and around the water options are many. We’ve seen inflatable table tennis games, basketball hoop and rim, water polo goals and water volleyball nets which are great for family team parties. Of course you can go old school and have some fun competition swim relay races too. Purchasing a few cheap underwater cameras is a great idea for guests to capture the fun from underwater. Want to keep some of  the young ones out of the water? Buy small inflatable bouncy toys that they can play on in the yard.

Palmdale, Lancaster, Quartz Hill Pool Party Ideas

  • Aquatic themed invitations
  • Water rafts and lounges for guests
  • Squirt guns, masks, fins for kids
  • Swim races, water polo, water volleyball
  • Decorative plates, cups and plastic ware

Aquatic Technician Lancaster PalmdaleWe’ve been to plenty pool parties in Lancaster, Palmdale and Quartz Hill and have noticed a good starting point for snacks and refreshments is to have colorful plates, napkins, cups and plastic ware to match the color theme of your party. As an easy snack those fished shaped crackers will go along way along with staples like chips and dip. Iced tea and lemonade are perfect party drink ideas for your guests to quench their thirst when not swimming and having fun. Chilled drinks in bottles placed in colorful beach pails filled with ice will also create a nice touch. Ideas for a table setting can include using a life-preserver placed in the middle as a centerpiece. It’s best to make food ahead of time and easy dishes like potato salad and cole slaw ready before the party is a good idea. You can schedule dishes brought by guests ala potluck as well. To tie it all together having colorful streamers to hang around the patio and backyard will keep the atmosphere festive all throughout the backyard. For parties extending into the evening floating lights look great in the water at night. For automated swimming pool set-ups you can even program a custom light show to show off to your guests. No matter the size of your party we hope these tips and pool party ideas make a splash with at your next Lancaster, Palmdale or Quartz Hill water fun get together.

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