Pool Algae Removal Services Lancaster, Palmdale, Quartz Hill

Pool Algae Removal Services LancasterNeed pool algae removal services by pros in Lancaster, Palmdale or Quartz Hill because of algae growth? Our company has removed green, yellow, black and pink algae from pools for over two decades in the Antelope Valley. The best way to treat algae is weekly maintenance and that’s because brushing walls, bottom and steps prevents algae growth. Having the right water chemistry also is an important factor along with proper working filters and pumps. If left untreated spores will turn to blooms and that means a tougher time removing the algae so don’t wait if there’s a problem. It really only takes hours for algae to disrupt the entire water chemistry of a pool.

There are three kinds of algae often found in pools that need removed which are black, green and yellow (mustard) algae. The yellow mustard algae is found in shady areas of the water and at times looks like dirt on the bottom. Algae that is black appears the least but it is the most difficult to remove. Its size is usually no bigger than a quarter and appears as dark spots. Ridding swimming pools of algae is a hard job and the toughest is black algae that requires heavy-duty brushing and strong chemical treatments. This is because black algae literally grows its roots into the surfaces it attacks.

Pool Algae Removal Services

  • Shocking treatments
  • Algaecide treating
  • Shock & algaecide treatment

Before calling an expert for pool algae removal services to handle algae problems first check and backwash filters along with making sure water chemistry is correct. For prevention daily brushing walls and other algae problem spots keeps algae at bay. Be careful of not damaging the walls and steps due to using the wrong brush. It’s ok to use wire brushes for plaster pools but never on fiberglass, tile or vinyl. For these types of surfaces a nylon brush is fine. Shocking up to three times over 36 hours when algae is severe is common. When doing multiple shock treatments it’s normal for cloudy water at this time. This will clear itself up after the filter has run for some time.

Removing Swimming Pool Algae Palmdale

Our pool cleaning company has proudly served the Lancaster, Palmdale and Quartz Hill for 20+ years with maintenance and repairs. We know what it takes to end algae from residential and commercial swimming pools. Restore that clear blue water once more with our algae removal services.