Pool Cleaning After Rain Tips

Pool Cleaning During Rainy Seasons

When pool cleaning during rainy seasons it’s vital to know that after every storm things are introduced into your swimming pool. Dirt, debris, rainwater, and even lightning all have an effect on the general water chemistry of your pool. This may place a strain on your equipment. One of the best and fast ways to clean up after a winter storm is to cut any potential problems like algae, cloudy water or un-needed filter pressure. The below tips will help you have a clean and balanced pool.

Pool Cleaning Rainy Seasons Palmdale CA

Pool Cleaning During Rainy Seasons

It’s best to brush the sides and of your pool and skim the surface. This helps systems by getting rid of debris and stirs up the dirt for easier filtering

Cleaning the skimmer basket is also a good idea and check the other filter baskets in the pool system. By doing this water will be able to flow more easily through your system. Also, consider shocking your swimming pool. This cleans and sanitizes any pollutants or materials brought into the water from the rain.

Another helpful tip is running your system for a minimum of 12 hours to make sure filters are properly circulating. This step also helps get rid of dirt and debris, while circulating the chlorine in your swimming pool. The day after shocking a pool check the PSI levels on your filter. If the water pressure is 8 to 10 psi higher than normal levels, clean out your filter. After cleaning or backwashing filters test your water chemistry.

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It’s important to note that water from rain and other debris from heavy winds affect the chemistry pool water. It’s quite possible that a chemical adjustment is needed after heavy storms. If you need help restoring the cleanliness of your swimming pool after a heavy storm call one of our aquatic technicians to schedule a cleaning. Our family owned pool cleaning service has operated for over 25 years. Our company services the entire Antelope Valley including Palmdale, Lancaster, and Quartz Hill.