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Pool Draining Cleaning Services

Is your swimming pool in bad shape? If so it may need a pool draining and cleaning service. Some indicators that tell you in need of a drain and clean are any strong smells of chlorine, murky dirty cloudy water, green water, foaming or bubbles in the pool, or also any living insects like mosquitoes in the pool.

Great White Pool and Spa offer pool draining and cleaning services all throughout the analog Valley. Based in Palmdale we are also close to local Lancaster’ and Quartz Hill. Worst-case scenarios require pool draining and cleaning. After the water is emptied out acid washing is done to the plaster to help remove the algae stains. Once this is completed the pool can be once again filled with water.

Pool Draining Maintenance Palmdale Lancaster

Pool Draining Service Antelope Valley

  • Drain Pool
  • Plaster Acid Wash
  • Eliminate Algae Staining
  • Balance Water Chemistry
  • Clean Filters
  • Re-Fill Swimming Pool with Water

Our pool cleaning company has been offering professional maintenance services for over 25 years and the Antelope Valley. This year The Valley press also nominated our company as the best pool service in the Antelope Valley. We’ve performed pool draining, acid washing and cleaning services to hundreds of residential and commercial swimming pools and spas.

Don’t let that pool get any worse call us 1st for an effective solution to restoring you’re swimming pool back to swim safe conditions. Once corrected we can also manage your pool and equipment with affordable weekly maintenance packages. We service residential, commercial and public swimming pools in the Antelope Valley.

In Ground Pool Maintenance Palmdale CA

Our professional pool technicians also do inspections and equipment repairs. We are experts at replacing old pool pumps and filters and also diagnosing equipment issues.  Call us today to learn how our pool drain and clean can bring your back yard away says back to life!