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Looking for pool heater replacement ideas so frolicking in the water doesn’t have to end when the temperatures drop? When the weather gets cold that’s when the pool heater kicks in. Pool heaters help you stay warm in the water during the offseason. Using a heater for your swimming pool has many benefits. At the same time, there are some negative. One statistic that doesn’t hold well is the fact that older heaters are not very energy-efficient. On the other hand, one of the pluses of a today’s new pool heaters is no matter the weather outside, there are now ways to efficiently heat your pool for year round usage.

Pool Heater Replacement Lancaster Palmdale CA

For homeowners looking to upgrade their pool’s heating unit remember that your heater is one of the most costly pieces of equipment for your pool system. It’s also important to note that the best heating units will not do well and possibly fail if not installed correctly. With such a big investment it’s always best to have a certified aquatic technician install the heater for you.

Pool Heater Replacement

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Our pool cleaning company often gets asked by many Antelope Valley residents about the latest pool heaters on the market. We know there’s a lot to choose from when picking the right heater. As an example, the new Jandy Pro Series JXi uses natural gas to heat the water and is very small, but yet quite powerful. One big benefit to this unit is that it’s very eco-friendly, quiet, small and lightweight. It also heats water fast and is very user-friendly with its digital interface. No matter what route you go for heating the water whether it’s gas, solar electric or other means, our technicians are here to help complete your pool heater project.

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Need help with your pool heating system? Call one of our aquatic technicians to lend a hand with your project. Looking for pool cleaning services in Lancaster, Palmdale, Quartz Hill or other parts of the Antelope Valley? Our company offers expert repairs, cleaning, and pool maintenance services.