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Pool Maintenance Tips for 2020

Another New Year is upon us here in the Antelope Valley, where there are more than 280 Sunny days out of the year. With all the warm sun that we get throughout the year, we put together a new year’s resolution list of five pool maintenance tips for a healthier, happier, and cleaner swimming pool that’ll always be ready to enjoy.

Five Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips for 2020

There’s nothing better than having a sparkling clean and clear swimming pool ready use at your desire. Let’s be honest; it does take work to keep a swimming pool maintained. And if left neglected for only a short amount of time, conditions can deteriorate rapidly, making water unsafe for swimmers. Here are five of the best tips for safe swim conditions and beautiful clear water ready to enjoy any time you want.


Pool Water Chemistry

At the very minimum, the pool water chemistry should be tracked at least once or twice weekly during summer and every other week in the Wintertime. The proper pH Levels should be between 7.2 and 7.8. Always know that when the ph level gets lower, there’s less chlorine that your pool will need to use. When the ph level rises, the chlorine in your pool starts to get less active.

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Empty Skimmer Basket Often

It’s best to keep your pool skimmer cleaned at all times. A skimmer’s job is to skim the surface of the water and catch debris before falling to the bottom.

Keep an Eye on Water Levels

For best results always have your water level at the center level of the skimmer or the middle of the pool tile for optimum results. If the water level is too high, your skimmers’ door will not work as it should. The door makes sure all the debris stays in the skimmer basket. When water levels are too low, it can ruin your pump by making it dry with the result of burning up the motor.

Pool Filter Cleaning

Homeowners should always clean their pools filter regularly or when needed. Also, check your filters after heavy storms and clean if required. On average, with normal weather conditions, cleaning filters every 4 to 6 months is sufficient.

Chlorine Generator (Salt System)

For swimming pool owners that utilize a salt system or what other folks call a no chlorine pool to remember this. The only thing a chlorine generator does is make chlorine for you. The convenience of this is that there’s no need to buy it or keep it stored at your home. The downside is it does have some potential rests. Cells must be clean, and the chemistry of your swimming pool will get more vital for it also to regulate correctly. Always remember when adding too much salt, your pool will get over salted. If you can taste the salt, your swimming pool probably has too much.

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We hope these five tips help you keep your New Year’s resolution of maintaining your swimming pool and having it ready to enjoy at all times of the year. If you find yourself in the position that you need assistance with keeping your pool clean and equipment maintained, we are here to help and lend a hand. We provide professional pool services for residential homes and commercial pools throughout the Antelope Valley. For homeowners and business owners in Palmdale, Lancaster, and Quartz Hill, we have affordable weekly cleaning and maintenance specials.

Pool Maintenance Help Lancaster Palmdale Area

Need pool maintenance help Lancaster? How about nearby Palmdale? Our technicians help swimming pools stay kept up all year round! Have you considered a pool support professional to get your swimming water swim safe and ready for summer? With such an incredible climate in this part of the Antelope Valley it’s a shame if you can’t use the swimming pool because of equipment issues. For daily swimmers and heavy pool users that are short on time hiring an expert to help keep up your swimming pool and all its gear is fundamental to keeping your water swim safe all year round.

Pool Maintenance Help Lancaster PalmdaleIf spending more energy than you’d like keeping up the pool and scratching your head when it comes to fixing a pump or motor then it might be time to call a pro. With more than 20 years in the industry our accomplished pool repair and cleaning specialists will check your swimming pool framework and offer a servicing that will be the best fit. For day by day, bi-week and week by week cleanings it’s a best to have an expert lend a hand especially for heavily used swimming pools.

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When you have an expert taking care of your pool you get info from someone with more experience in dealing with the obligations of keeping a swim safe environment than yourself. Pool equipment like pumps, filters and motors that get faulty and left unattended for long periods of time will bring about genuine harm to your pool equipment and your wallet. This is a main reason having a professional fix pool equipment is best.

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There are many advantages to having a professional company deal with managing your swimming pool and the water people swim in. People swimming in your pool are your responsibility when it comes to the water being swim safe. Having someone become ill or have their eyes stinging from the water gets avoided with regular pool care by a professional.

Our trucks are fully stocked and we are available to assist both residential and commercial swimming pools in Lancaster, Palmdale and Quartz Hill.