Pool Leak Detection and Water Saving Drought Tips

Pool Drought Tips LancasterA pool leak detection during droughts and other tips for Palmdale, Lancaster and Quartz Hill residents to conserve water. California is now in its fourth year and the drought situation is serious. Not only do you need to keep your commercial and residential pools clean and properly maintained, but also make sure water stays in instead of escaping during droughts. When the weather heats up and there’s lack of rain water can evaporate up to 8 feet each year. With all the media attention there’s been lots said about swimming pools wasting water during droughts. This is just not true. As an example a lawn of the same size uses more water for maintenance. Of course you could get rid of that luxury watering hole, but hey, this is California. Swimming in your backyard with friends and family is just something we do here. Although some communities have put bans on filling pools like in the bay area here in Antelope Valley laws are still normal. With that being said Lancaster, Palmdale and Quartz Hill area pool owners should check these below tips and ideas to help to conserve water in these extra dry times.

Drought Tips For Lancaster, Palmdale & Quartz Hill Pool Owners

During these extra hot times it’s best for Palmdale, Quartz Hill and Lancaster pool owners be responsible. It’s best to make sure you check everything possible to see if you can save water. Our company has fixed and serviced many pools in the Antelope Valley that are losing more water when compared to normal evaporation. Pool leak detection are a good idea if you have noticed any rapid water loss. A little leak in equipment or the pool’s structure can amount to a big loss of water. A small leak that loses and inch of water each day can waste over 100,000 of precious water each year. Having a cover can also cut evaporation by up to 50%. That means less times filling the water up to safe levels. Less hassle liquid covers are now available that cut at least 30% of evaporation. Another tip to save water is lowering your water temps. Evaporation is more rapid with warm water. If you have water features like fountains and waterfalls it’s best to shut those or cut usage to cut extra water loss. Another idea is to clean your filters. By cleaning filters each week your system will run more efficiently using less water. If you do lots of diving and splashing remember that all water going outside is gone and lost. It’s important to also have the correct water chemical balance to cut using excess water to correct. Having a properly maintained chemical balance will also make your water swim safe. Also cut the amount of times you backwash your system. If you keep your filter clean back washing less often saves more water.

Our company has kept up and supported commercial and residential pools and spas in Palmdale, Lancaster and Quartz Hill for over two decades. Feel free to contact us about any of your pool and spa services.

Pool Drought Tips Palmdale CA