Pool Maintenance Lancaster After Raining

Pool Maintenance After The Rain

We’re often asked what type of pool maintenance is best after it rains. On average Lancaster, Palmdale, and Quartz Hill get 8 inches of rain per year. That means there are lots of weeks of dry weather. A swimming pool can get very dirty after it rains. Leaves and other debris especially after heavy winds will find its way into your water. A heavy rain can lessen your water chemistry and throw off the pH balance. If the rain is light still checking the chemistry is a smart thing to do. The most vital part of pool maintenance for residential outside pools after a heavy rain is to fully clean the pool surface and bottom. Then check the current water chemistry levels inspecting alkalinity, pH and sanitizer levels. After cleaning a test of your water chemistry will give info on changes with alkalinity that will change to keep the pH balanced. Rain will make your water dirty and inspecting chlorine and sanitizer levels will help make sure any harmful agents are properly treated. Heavy rains will also increase the overall water level and if it’s too much an easy fix is to drain some water out by using the waste setting on your pump.

Post Rain Palmdale & Lancaster Pool Maintenance

Pool Maintenance Palmdale After RainsShocking your pool is also a good idea when maintaining your pool after a rain storm. With a heavy rain all sorts of contaminants can and will make their way from the deck, patio and other spots into your water. Shocking your water will help reduce any health risks and make sure the water is swim safe. Speaking of safety, it’s always best to stay out of the pool during thunder and lighting storms. A good rule to follow is if you hear thunder it’s time to exit the water. Our company has been maintaining commercial swimming pools and cleaning residential pools in the Lancaster, Palmdale and Quartz Hill communities for 22 years and are always available to help.