Pool Winterizing Tips Palmdale

Pool Winterizing Lancaster Palmdale Area Pools

Pool winterizing Lancaster Palmdale pools is not the same as other parts of the country where temps are lower. We get calls often from clients asking about pool winterizing. The Antelope Valley gets chilly in winter and during this time pools go inactive for periods of time. During the drop in weather there’s less use of the pool so here’s some tips to protect your pool and equipment. One tip is reducing pump run times to cut operation wear. Another option is having a pool cover to stop heavy winds from blowing dirt and debris into the water. If temps do get to freezing remember to run your pump to keep your water lines safe.Pool Winterizing Lancaster

Pool Winterizing Lancaster Palmdale

When the weather chills much effort goes into getting a pool ready for winter. In climates where freezing is a winter issue this means draining a part of the pool, put anti freeze into water lines and reducing run times on equipment. Whereas here in Lancaster, Palmdale and Quartz Hill winterizing swimming pools is not as intense. Just like summer it’s vital in winter for regular pool service. Many times owners will cut back on the amount of regular cleanings and within a few days problems arise. Issues like algae spots appearing will lead to extra cleaning costs if left untreated for a few weeks.

It’s best to keep an eye on the pool during cold months when used less. Our Lancaster Palmdale area pool cleaning company gives professional winterizing services for the off-season. Everything from making sure freeze units are working correctly and monitoring equipment like, pumps, filters and motors. This is important because regular maintenance like this keeps weather related issues at bay and pumps and filters running smooth. Is your Palmdale, Lancaster or Quartz Hill pool ready for winter? Contact our company today and speak with one of our aquatic technicians about pool winterizing services.