Pools and Lawns During Drought

Swimming Pool versus lawns in Palmdale Lancaster AreaYou’ve heard it all over the news. Southern California is in a drought. As a pool cleaning company in the Lancaster Palmdale area we know all about extended periods of hot weather with no rain. There’s been lots of debates on swimming pools and the water they use. Recent studies show that a turf lawn that’s the same size as your swimming pool uses more water over a three-year period if your pool is 500 square ft. with a deck size of 500 square ft compared to a 1,000 sq. feet of landscaping. California is in a bad drought and swimming pool owners have a bad rap for having a watery oasis to escape to in their backyards. Many water companies have even stopped new pool construction projects. At same time they put limits on the amount water your pool can use. Now after some time to look at the situation more closely water agencies are finding out that having swimming pools are not the water wasters like first thought.

Pools vs Lawns During a Drought

Swimming Pool versus lawns  during droughtExpert research shows that pools and the adjoining deck areas use the same water amount as your front lawn that is the same in size. Another water saving tip is to make sure you repair your swimming pool equipment when any issues arise. Leaking pumps and filters can really waste water. Another water saving tip is to have a pool cover. In the course of a few years your pool may even use less water with a cover by cutting the evaporation rate by 50%. This makes your pool use much less water compared to maintaining grass and just as efficient as a drought resistant landscape. Summer is here in Lancaster and Palmdale so don’t feel guilty about enjoying pool for a refreshing swim.