Best Weekly Swimming Pool Service Tips for Homeowners

Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips Springtime

Looking for a few swimming pool maintenance tips to keep your Antelope Valley pool clear and safe for springtime and upcoming warmer months? This is the time folks dream about spending time outside poolside with friends for a pool party or just enjoying the summer days alone by the water. Prevent the dream from being a nightmare by making sure your swimming pool and equipment are ready to handle all the extra usage.

Helpful Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

Having a regular maintenance plan is vital to make sure water stays clear and swimming conditions safe. Whether you hire a local pool cleaner or DIY, here are 5 helpful tips to better understand what it takes to have cleaner, safer, happier, and healthier swimming conditions.

Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips Lancaster Palmdale

1. Skimming and Scrubbing Pool & Sides

Skimming the water surface to remove what falls into the water is a must. If this is not done at least once every two weeks, (once a week is best) problems like algae growth and filter issues may arise. That means grab the scrub brush and give the sides of the pool a good scrub wherever you see any growth spots. While you’re at it also empty the filter basket to remove the leaves, debris or even a child’s small stuffed animal.

2. Servicing Swimming Pool Filters

It’s best each month to backwash to clear the water pipes used by the filter. Set the filter to backwash, remove the debris basket and clean it. Flip the pump back on and keep it running until clear water comes out of the waste pipe. Remember to run the filter on a timer and do not switch it on and off often. If so, you could damage the filter.

3. Pool Water Chemistry Adjusting

The chemistry of the swimming water is critical for keeping a pool properly serviced. Not balancing the chemistry will lead to skin irritation issues, green water situations, and overall unsafe swimming conditions. On a weekly basis also check and balance the water chemistry. Don’t be scared by the word chemistry, no college degree needed to handle this task. Simply buy a test kit from any local pool store to get a sample of the water from your pool. Instructions are easy to follow to keep chemistry balanced.

4. Pool Shocking

Host a lot of pool parties in your backyard? For folks that have lots of people in and out of the water shocking is a good idea. Ever notice how the water isn’t as clear the day after having lots of friends and family in the pool all weekend? The reason for the murky conditions is due to bacteria growth. It’s important to raise chlorine to a very high level for a short time to end bacteria. Having a plan to shock the pool during the heavy usage months is a good idea and twice even better. No more than that though because too much shocking will lead to damage to pool siding.

5. Pool Deck Cleaning & Disinfecting

The pool deck is also a spot where bacteria and other harmful elements grow. Have you ever walked on the deck and it’s slippery? Many times it’s the bacteria causing this. Cleaning the deck surface regularly will cut growth. Cleaning the deck varies on surface type, but the procedure is basically the same. In a bucket of mix 1 cup TSP (trisodium phosphate) to one-gallon water. TSP is available at most hardware stores. Use this to rinse deck with a high-pressure washer (especially for very large decks) or a regular hose with a high-pressure nozzle.

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Hiring a Pool Service Company

We hope these maintenance tips make warm days poolside during the upcoming months with friends and family the best. There’s lots of work required to make sure your swimming pool has clean, safe and clear swimming water on a week by week basis. It’s no doubt it’s an investment in time which could be used for doing more important things. If you need help with equipment repairs or regular swimming pool maintenance we’re here to help. Our pool cleaning service areas include Lancaster, Palmdale, Quartz Hill and most parts of the Antelope Valley.