Changing Pool Water Lancaster Palmdale

Changing Swimming Pool Water

Changing swimming pool water and how often is a question many of our Antelope Valley pool service clients ask. This is because of the recent lift on restrictions when it comes to water conservation in Palmdale and Lancaster. As a general rule of thumb change water every five to seven years. Factors like chemicals, filter, and vacuum usage, plus water type (soft or hard) plays an important role when changing water. Other things that play an important role on how often water is changed are water evaporation levels and how often pools get serviced.

Changing Swimming Pool Water Antelope Valley

Changing Swimming Pool Water Factors

As mentioned above how often you change the swimming pool water has many factors to consider. One important reason water needs changing neglected chemical balancing. If for any reason the chlorine and PH levels are not correct and drop between levels of 1.0 PPM it becomes ineffective at keeping water swim-safe. Algae and other bacteria at this point will flourish. It’s always best to have PH levels between 7.2 and 7.6.

Another thing to remember is water type. Many swimming pools and the Antelope Valley use both hard and soft water. Pools that use hard water need servicing more often because of the buildup of minerals. It’s important with hard water swimming pools to scrub and brush walls often.

If water is cloudy or green for long periods of time or smells bad those are reasons to consider changing water. There are times when shocking the pool will fix been cloudy and bad-smelling water but in cases that are very bad, it’s best to completely change the pool water.

Got questions about changing swimming pool water for you Lancaster, Palmdale or Quartz Hill area swimming pool? Our technicians have over 20 years experience maintaining swimming pools in the Antelope Valley and are here to help.