Fix Cloudy Swimming Pool Water

Turn-Cloudy-Pool-Water-Clear-Lancaster-PalmdaleLooking to fix cloudy pool water for your Lancaster Palmdale area swimming pool? Pool water needs kept up and maintained regularly to keep it safe for swimming. If not maintained even the most luxurious pool can become an eyesore to look at. There’s nothing worse than looking forward to a refreshing swim to cool off from the heat that’s hampered by a cloudy pool. What makes the water cloudy? There’s a few reasons why your water becomes murky and unattractive. Below are a few of the most common factors to check out.

Pool Filters

If pool filters are not ran for the required amount of time of at least 8 hours, the water will soon get cloudy. Your filter constantly cleans the water of harmful contaminants when running. When the filter is left off the water will soon become stagnant.

Chemical Balance

Other cloudiness factors are due to the chemicals used to treat the water. pH levels and Calcium hardness, declining levels of chlorine all cause cloudy water. Without proper chemical balancing unwanted contaminates will grow in the water creating a murky appearance.

Weather and Environment

The environment around your swimming pool also has a large impact of the water condition. Heavy winds, rain, animals, trees, bushes, sunshine, swimmers and algae growth contribute to murky waters. Pool covers are great to keep the water clean when not in use.

Cloudy Water Fixes For Quartz Hill,Palmdale & Lancaster Pools

  • Test kit to check chemical balance
  • Vacuum pool bottom weekly
  • Kept out debris like dirt & leaves
  • Skim pool water surface often
  • Check filter is not in need of fixing
  • Scrub pool walls, steps, bottom

Our pool cleaning company has cleared up cloudy pools in Palmdale, Lancaster and the Quartz Hill areas of the Antelope Valley for over twenty years. Our maintenance trucks stock everything required to professionally service your swimming pool. We know how to keep water sparking clean and crystal clear. If you need help for your Lancaster Palmdale area swimming pool or spa call one of our experienced aquatic technicians today.