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Holiday Swimming Pool Decorations Last Minute Ideas

Need last-minute ideas for Holiday swimming pool decorations? Check out these great tips for Palmdale and Lancaster area homeowners who want to enhance their pool area for the holiday season. During the festive season why stop at the inside of your home with decorations. Holiday decorations for the pool are not as common like the items bought for the inside and front of your home. Because decorations for the pool designed for the holidays are not as available we offer some holiday pool decorating tips.

Holiday Swimming Pool Decorations

One easy idea for decorating the pool are inflatable DIY floating decorations. With some cheap inflatable rings and holiday lawn decorations transforming your pool into a wintertime wonderland is quite easy!

Holiday swimming pool decorations Palmdale Lancaster

Even the most minimal effort will deliver some of the best-looking results. Adding underwater pool lights in red and green will bring colorful festive results.

Holiday Swimming Pool Lighting

Swimming Pool Holiday Lighting

Even if you don’t feel like decorating your pool just adding simple underwater lights will do wonders. With holidays come family and friends and what better way to entertain than to spruce up the pool lighting. Waterproof submersible lights are great decorations too. With clear casings, they help light spread the light across the water. Because submersible lights are clear they blend with the water to create a lighting effect that illuminates the water as if it’s been colored. Just a few color changes and the result will be immediate to the eye. With current automated pool lighting technology, it’s possible to know have entire color schemes changing from a smart phone.

If pressed for time right before the family gathers and want to include your pool as part of the festivities these tips will help. Our pool service company has seen great lights and effects over the years of supporting residential swimming pools. Make this year one that includes a new look for the pool area. And from us to all of you have a great holiday from us here at Great White Pool and Spa.