Plans and Pricing

Pool Service Costs Lancaster CAOur pool cleaning company has affordable services that meet Lancaster and Palmdale swimming pool owners custom cleaning and maintenance needs. From general repairs to weekly up-keep our company makes sure your water is always swim safe and ready for family and guests. For over two decades our technicians have taken care of residential and commercial pool cleaning duties with custom cleaning and water treatment services. From complete full service packages that give special attention to your whole system weekly. We also offer basic services that handle adjustments of your water’s chemical balance with options for under one hundred dollars per month. We strive to give affordable rates to help keep your investment and the people who use it safe.

Chemical Service. Starting at $55 Per month.
Our basic chemical service at $45 per month is for a person who likes to do their own cleaning and maintenance but struggles to keep the water in that perfect balance zone. Our regular services include weekly checking and adjusting of water chemistry and balance. In addition we will also empty pump and skimmer baskets, backwash the filter as necessary and check all equipment for proper operation. Chemicals not included in price.

Full Service. Starting at $95 Per Month
One of our best services that delivers the most value is our full pool service. For an affordable monthly cost sit back and let us take care of your backyard investment on a weekly schedule. The Full Service includes: weekly visits, vacuuming, skimming surface, brush as needed, brush water line tile as needed, empty skimmer and pump baskets, backwash and recharge filter as needed, check and adjust chemicals and check all equipment for proper operation. Chlorine and acid included in price.

Filter Cleaning: $75 Price includes most DE and cartridge style filters.

Pool Service Costs PalmdaleYearly heater maintenance: $125

If in need of a great price to keep your costs down and heater running repair free annually our yearly heater maintenance does just that. Our certified aquatic technicians will clean heater elements, exchangers and check gas pressure to make sure the heater is always working properly. Our pool service costs for heater maintenance is a sound investment to make sure your water stays warm, safe and swim-ready for friends and family all year round. If you’ve got a question about us maintaining your Palmdale or Lancaster swimming paradise contact us. If you have not done so yet please like us on Facebook and follow our tweets from our twitter page. We often offer special cash-saving discounts and special monthly promotions for all of our social media friends and followers.

Lancaster and Palmdale Pool Service Costs

If you would you like to schedule a free estimate for your Lancaster, Palmdale or Quartz Hill pool please contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable aquatic technicians at (661) 874-2063. Our family owned business is also local to the area and we’re always willing to help even with 24/7 emergency services to make sure your water is always swim safe.

Pricing based on :
Size of pool and amount of water gallons
Service site distance miles traveled
Type of condition equipment is in and age
Swimming pool condition and age
Amount of greenery near pool (Shrubs, trees etc)
Amount of chemicals to keep up safe water conditions
Needing additional services (spas, fountains water features)