Pool Acid Wash

Pool Acid Wash Lancaster PalmdaleOur pool acid wash services will bring your Palmdale, Lancaster or Quartz Hill plaster back to life and new looking once more. An acid wash is not a cleaning done regularly. This is because with each acid washing a thin layer of plaster gets stripped away. If done too often it will weaken the strength of your plaster. An acid wash is great for newer pools that over the last few years have developed staining on the walls, bottom or steps. Or if you have a pebble Tec set-up acid washing is great for removing purple staining. Because Pebble Tec is more durable than plaster it can withstand more washings. The entire acid wash process takes two days. On the 1st day we empty out all water using a quiet pump that will not disturb any persons in your home. On the following day our team arrives to start the acid wash process. This involves applying an acid chemical to your pool’s plaster or Pebble Tec. This process will remove a thin layer and show a new looking surface.

Pool Acid Wash Palmdale, Quartz Hill & Lancaster

  • Makes plaster look new again
  • Eliminates hard to remove staining
  • Removes purple film for Pebble Tec
  • Clears away mineral & algae
  • Residential & commercial services
  • Homes, hotels, health clubs, spas

Pool Acid Washing Quartz HillAcid washing should only be a last resort or an occasional cleaning method. For less serious staining we recommend a green pool cleaning service. With this method we restore that new look with no need to empty out all water. This is good for pools that have not been on a regular cleaning schedule and the water and plaster is now stained a greenish color. If you can still see the bottom a green cleaning is best instead of a chemical acid wash. Pools in Lancaster, Palmdale and Quartz Hill need maintenance weekly to help prevent plaster stains and your water turning a murky green. If your tired of looking at those dirty stains and feel your plaster or Pebble Tec just doesn’t sparkle and shine as it once did we can help with an acid wash.

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Besides an acid wash If you need help with maintaining your swimming pool system feel free to contact us. Based in Palmdale and only minutes from Lancaster and Quartz Hill our company has over 20 years of experience in the Antelope Valley. Our aquatic technicians are able to handle any sized project. We offer both commercial and residential pool services  that included weekly cleanings, repairs for pumps, filters and motors plus pool automation services. We maintain swimming pools and spas for single family homes, hotels, health clubs and HOA’s managing tract homes, condos and townhouses. All of our pool service trucks in the Lancaster, Palmdale and Quartz Hill areas have all the required cleaning tools and chemicals needed to complete your project on time.

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