Pool Exercises to Burn Calories

Swimming Pool Exercises LancasterMost people see pool exercises as a dip and splash in the water while relaxing in the backyard. We’ve learned a bit from Lancaster, Palmdale and Quartz Hill pool owners who use their water playgrounds for exercising. The thought of swimming multiple laps in your pool doesn’t sound like much of a relaxing time though. By breaking this thought you will soon learn that a regular swimming routine before or after work is a great cardio workout. Pool exercising is a perfect near zero impact solution for a full body workout that guarantees to burn calories fast. Swimming also stretches your body out in ways that you’d not normally do during a regular exercise routine. From head to toe swimming is a great exercise and here are a few reasons why a water workout is great addition to your daily exercise routine.

Swimming For A Better Fitness Workout

Swimming Pool Exercising Palmdale CAPopular exercise routines like walking, jogging, hitting the gym or riding a bike can make your muscles sore. All of these high impact exercises are great but when adding a low impact swim session to your repertoire you’re giving these parts of your body a rest. Swimming supports 90% of  your body’s weight which means less pain compared to traditional exercise routines. The best part is your still burning calories. Lot’s of calories. Exercising all your muscles in a low impact environment gives your joints, hips, ankles and knees a rest and at the same time exercises new muscles.

Swimming For A Better Toned Body

Pool Exercises Quartz Hill CAEveryone knows that swimming is great for toning your arms, legs and shoulders. What is less known is that water is over 700 times denser than air. This is important to note because the resistance when swimming is constant so your body does more to produce forward movement. Compared to weightlifting and running swimming exercises dramatically cut any chances of injury. When swimming for exercise say goodbye to weightlifting strains and sore joints from running. Swimming will tone your entire body with no hitting the gym doing sit-ups or crunches.

Swim For A Stronger & Healthy Heart

Swimming for Heart BenefitsSwimming does wonders for your breathing by making your body learn new ways to fill your lungs with air. Swimming pool exercises will make your heart and lungs develop more with the ways you intake oxygen. Swimming is an aerobic workout and with each lap you swim your heart muscles will be stronger and your hearts health will vastly improve over time. When it comes to blood pressure and cholesterol levels swimming exercises deliver the most health benefits for hearts. A 30 minute swim can reduce risks of coronary heart disease by 40%. Swimming also cuts the risks of developing diabetes.

Swimming Exercises Build Confidence

Swimming Builds ConfidenceEven if you are not the best swimmer over time you’ll become less fearful in the water and your overall confidence will grow. The same for learning any new skill. Once you master it your confidence goes throw the roof and you tend to keep pushing for better results as you become more confident. By setting goals of swimming 1, 2, 3 or more laps and meeting these goals not only will your body be getting more fit but your mental strength will grow stronger with each new goal reached. Just remember to pace your self and find a comfortable amount of laps to start with even if it’s just one.

Swimming For Overall Better Health

Swimming For Better HealthThe benefits of pool exercises are many and swimming is a great way to burn calories. 30 minutes of recreational swimming will burn up to 220 calories. A moderate 30 minute swim will burn up to 370 calories. Vigorously swimming laps for 30 minutes burns up to 550 calories. You would have to run nearly 8 miles per hour for 30 minutes to burn as much calories. Swimming improves body posture, controls hunger, reduces stress and most of all makes you happy! Our Palmdale based pool cleaning company serves nearby Quartz Hill and Palmdale area and go beyond maintenance and repairs for pools and spas. We have provided water leisure services for over 20 years in the Antelope Valley are always want your swimming experience a safe and healthy one. Got a water based exercise tip you want to share? Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter and share your experience with other Palmdale, Lancaster and Quartz Hill pool owners.