Pool Filter Maintenance is Important

Pool filter maintenance in this part of the Antelope Valley is vital but many homeowners do not know this. Ones that do know try to do cleaning and repairing cartridges on their own, but is it worth it? Pool filter cartridges are not cheap and if not kept up weekly you’ll end up losing some money.

Our pool cleaning company operates in Palmdale, Lancaster and Quartz Hill providing a full spectrum of services. Some of our services include week by week maintenance, swimming pool equipment fixes and green water cleaning. If there’s one thing we know it’s filters and the damage that can occur when not properly maintained.

Pool filter maintenance Palmdale CA

If you want to keep up water cleanliness then it’s vital to keep your pool filter clean. The main type of filter systems include sand, cartridge and DE filter systems.  And for over 20 years we’ve worked with all makes and models.

Our Lancaster, Quartz Hill and Palmdale clients often ask how often filters need cleaning? This is different with different filters but the best thing to do is take a reading when the filter is clean. If the PSI pressure goes above 10 then it’s time to do a cleaning. Be careful because  clogged filters get dirty and back pressure rises and overall rate of flow drops.

Pool Filter Maintenance

With cartridge filters It’s always important to watch their operation and make sure there’s never too much flow through the filter. Most filters have a label that will show the greatest pressure rating. Make sure to always stay within this guideline. Pressure readings vary depending on the filter and if it’s properly sized for your system.

swimming pool filter service Lancaster

Our company offers filter repairs and replacements for most popular filters. Our annual pool filter maintenance includes removing large particles and debris and letting it sit in a cleaning solution. This will get rid of any nasty build up. If you can’t remember repairing your filter or having it checked out call us to help.

Our company provides pool filter cleaning and replacement services in Lancaster, Palmdale and Quartz Hill.