Pool Heater Repair

Pool Heater Repairs Lancaster CANeed a pool heater repair for your Lancaster, Palmdale or Quartz Hill swimming pool or spa? Our Company has over 20 years of on the job experience fixing, replacing and offering general repairs for all makes and models of heaters.
In this part of the Antelope Valley where relaxing after a long day commuting it’s best to just hit the spa to wind down. The last thing you need is the water being cold and your heater broken. Maybe you have a broken heater that only allows you to swim during the summertime? If your water heater gets heavy usage especially when the jacuzzi gets used on a near daily basis the heater will have a shorter lifespan. No matter the problem if your water is cold we can help. We repair, replace and do new installations on gas, electric and energy-saving solar model heaters.

We are experts when it comes to fixing residential and commercial heating systems. We can handle any size project and always explain any repair before starting. Our technicians and repairmen have fully stocked trucks with the needed tools and replacement parts to warm your water up fast. When your pool or spa water is too cold not only is it uncomfortable to swim in but also unsafe. Our repairmen will quickly diagnose the problem and do any repairs needed. Many times we can even repair your heater on the spot with no replacement heater needed.

Pool Heater Repair Palmdale & Lancaster

  • Commercial heater repairs
  • Residential spa heaters fixed
  • Heat pump repairs and installs
  • Replacement heater installations
  • Pool and Spa heater troubleshooting
  • Heater automation setups
  • Troubleshooting and consultations

Pool Heater Unit Repair PalmdaleIf you’re in Palmdale, Lancaster or Quart Hill looking to install a new heater there are many models to choose from that are great for this region. We have learned over the years working in the Antelope Valley that Hayward pool heaters tend to stand the test of time best. There are many makes and types of Gas, Electric and Solar heaters to choose from. With the latest breakthroughs in heater technology there are now many models that use less energy compared to older units. These energy-saving models are not only safe for the environment but also safe for your wallet when it comes to cost-saving. Our technicians will help choose the best unit for your set-up and do a professional installation meant to last. Heating your water faster than it cools is what makes your heater a vital part of your system. Once the water is the desired temp the heater only then needs to run to keep the temperature maintained.

The bigger your pool the harder it needs to work. A normal heater in the Lancaster Palmdale area lasts 6-10 years depending on usage. With our experience gas heaters have a shorter life span compared to electric heaters. If you do your own maintenance consider our weekly pool and spa services where we clean your pool and spa plus do routine equipment checks. This keeps heaters, pumps, filters and motors are operating normal. Regular up-keep will make sure your swimming water will be ready to enjoy anytime of the year. You’ll also cut any chances of unwanted repairs in the future.

Pool Heater Repairs Lancaster, Palmdale, Quartz Hill

Contact us to learn more on how can get your water warmed up to that comfortable temperature once again. We give free estimates on installing new heaters and are local to the Palmdale, Lancaster Quartz Hill areas of the Antelope Valley. Many times we are able to repair your heater the same day. We are here to help and are always available on the phone to answer any questions or concerns you have about repairing your heater. With great reviews online and over two decades of service working with all makes and models of heaters feel safe knowing we’ll fix your broken heater. Dont forget to check out our social pages to stay up to date with industry related news and info. We often have web only money-saving discounts for Lancaster and Palmdale area residents so like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter. Thanks for visiting and please do hesitate to reach out and give us a call about repairing any type of heater.