Pool Lighting Installation, Repairs, Upgrades

Pool Lighting Installation LancasterNeed an expert pool lighting installation in Lancaster, Palmdale or Quartz Hill? Great White pool services do professional swimming light installs and repairs in and out of the water. Have a broken underwater light that needs fixing? No problem we not only replace old underwater lights and fixtures but also do upgrades to LED lights. We often get calls about lights that stop working and it’s usually one of two things that have caused this. A gasket or seal has gone bad and has leaked water into the light or the light bulb has burned out. The most common of the two is water getting into the light from a faulty seal or gasket. We fix both issues and many times on the same day. There are lots of color options to choose from now with underwater lights as well.

Inground Colored Swimming Pool Lights

Always remember that it’s not a good idea to go for a long time with a broken light. Besides lighting up the water at night the light is a vital security feature for the swimming pool. At all times when it’s dark, it’s important that the bottom of the water is always visible. Our technicians can automate lights to come on each evening at dusk.

Spa and Swimming Pool Lighting Installation Lancaster, Palmdale, Quartz Hill

  • Pool Lighting Repairs
  • Underwater Lights Replaced
  • LED Light Upgrades
  • Automation & Remote Control
  • Upgrades and Installations
  • Custom Lighting Setups

Our service area covers residential and commercial pools in Palmdale, Lancaster and Quartz Hill. Pool and spa lighting is really advanced in the last few years. With new technology, it’s easier than ever to set your custom lighting colors to match your mood or festive occasion. New LED lighting is also more energy-efficient with a long life span.

pool lighting installation lancaster palmdale

For pool lighting repairs and installation, questions contact one of our service technicians today. We have run our Pool Service Company in the Lancaster, Palmdale and Quartz Hill area for more than two decades experienced with all makes and models of pool lighting setups.