Pool Mastic Replacement

Pool Mastic Replacement Lancaster CAPool mastic replacement for Lancaster, Palmdale and Quartz Hill area pools whose sealant and joints are needing replaced between the coping and deck. The pool mastic or deck-o-seal allows the deck to move and at the same time offer a protective seal. The mastic and deck-o-seal give decks space to move to make sure there’s no contact with the coping. When the deck-o-seal or mastic fails and contact coping breaks can happen. Your tile may also become dislodged from the failing mastic and deck-o-seal. This rubbery substance is vital for keeping water out. If the seal breaks and water makes entry it will erode away dirt and the shell. Taking the old mastic or deck-o-seal out is not an easy task. Before installing the pool mastic replacement we first remove broken old seals and fill up the gap with backer rods and sand. The last step is to add the mastic or deck-o-seal sealant. The new replacement sealant with a coat of sand that adds a nice look will then harden. Having your seals and joints maintained regularly will help protect the life of your pool mastic. It also cuts on unwanted mastic repairs in the future for your deck.

  • Maintains a permanent seal keeping water out.
  • Eliminates cracking during extreme weather
  • Will not get hard and brittle & stays flexible
  • No color discoloration during hot weather
  • Stays intact after curing & stretches over 20%

Pool Mastic Replacement Lancaster, Palmdale & Quartz Hill

Pool Mastic Replacement Palmdale CAFor over two decades our company has repaired and replaced mastic and deck-o-seal in the Lancaster, Palmdale and Quartz Hill area. We are experts and installing the new sealant in commercial Hotels, Condos, Townhouses and do work for HOA Home Owner Associations. We take the necessary steps to before replacement to properly prepare the deck to make sure the bond will last. It’s important to remove all old sealant completely to create the best seal. If not done correctly the lifespan of the seal is less. Once the mastic replacement is in we do a light sanding if needed to make sure the mastic looks natural. Based in Palmdale or service trucks are just minutes away from Quartz Hill and Lancaster. Installing mastic on your own is time-consuming and stressful due to the difficultly level. Our pool mastic technicians have years of experience working with pool mastic projects big and small and can handle your mastic removal and replacement. Our local service trucks have all the right tools and equipment to complete the mastic removal and replacement. Contact one of our Lancaster, Palmdale and Quartz Hill pool repairmen today to learn more about replacing and installing your new deck sealant.

Additional Great White Services for Pools & Spas

From large commercial accounts to smaller residential pools our company provides reliable and honest maintenance, upgrades and repairs. Our cleaning services include daily, weekly and one-off cleanings. Our repairmen are experts at trouble shooting equipment issues. There’s no pool filter replacement, pump or swimming pool heater repair we can’t handle. We also do underwater lighting replacements and system automation set-ups plus offer professional variable speed pump upgrades. We have great reviews all throughout the Antelope Valley and are always a phone call away to help. We are part of the Lancaster, Palmdale and Quartz Hill community and handle each project like it’s our own.