Pool Start-Up Services

Swimming Pool Start-Up Services LancasterGreat White pool start-up services for re-plastered and newly constructed pools in Palmdale, Lancaster and Quartz Hill. There are special steps to take that makes plastering cure correctly. Most times the builder or plastering company will take care of the start-up, but this is not always the case. Start up instructions are hard to follow and it does not take much to ruin the start-up process if steps are not followed correctly. Because of the amount of involvement when doing a start-up it’s best to hire a professional pool service company with start-up experience to handle this type of project. Our company has done swimming pool start-up projects for hundreds of pools in Lancaster, Palmdale and Quartz Hill.

Pool Start-Up Services Lancaster, Palmdale, Quartz Hill

  • Daily 30 day start-up service
  • Brush bottom & sides daily for 30 days
  • Vacuuming and filter cleaning
  • Water chemistry adjustments
  • Balancing Alkalinity and pH

The first month is vital when doing a start-up on newly constructed or re-plastered pools. During the first 10 days our technicians brush walls, vacuüm the bottom and adjust water chemistry daily. This is because after adding new plaster the plaster breaks off and lots of dust gathers. This can wreak havoc on your whole system if not done properly during the first  4 weeks. After the first 10 days we return every 2-3 days to continue to vacuum the  bottom and walls plus monitor water chemistry and adjust chemical levels as needed. After the month of start-up services for best results a weekly pool service will keep your system maintained. If unable to keep up on your own cleanings it’s best to have a professional do the weekly servicing. Once completed pools are ready to enjoy and completely swim safe.

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