Pool Tile Repair

Pool Tile Repair and Cleaning PalmdaleDoes your Lancaster or Palmdale pool need it’s tile cleaned or repaired? That ugly white scum line on your tile surface from years of build up of calcium, minerals, dirt, body oils, hair and even bugs finally has to go! It’s good to know that with our state of the art pool tile repair system we not only can remove it quickly but also restore that new look to your tile that you’ve meant to take care of for some time. Our special micro bead blend gets rid of deposits from most waterline surfaces to restore the look of your tiles. With these tiny beads shot under pressure it will cut the deposit to a powder. At this point we then vacuüm leaving no mess to clean up. If you’ve tried to remove the deposit by hand in the past then you’ll really find our price a bargain. Our technicians are local to Palmdale and Lancaster so that means we can clean and restore your tile and water features in just a few hours and with most projects on the same day. The products we use are safe and environmentally kind  . The average time to clean your tiles runs about 2 1/2 hours which will save you money compared to the cost of replacing your tile. We work with all types of tile that include mosaic, glass, porcelain, brick and stone. These tiles serve various needs porcelain absorbs less water. smooth tiles make look nice but has less grip compared to a textured surface. Stone tiles give a natural look and porcelain tiles are one of the most durable and can take lots of foot traffic.

Pool Tile Repair Lancaster & Palmdale

  • Pool tile repairs & cleaning
  • Water spot removal from above water line
  • New installations and replacements
  • replace and match up missing tile
  • Algae growth and stain removal

Pool-Tile-Cleaning-LancasterIf you do not to repair your tiles or clean them on a weekly schedule water will find its way and start seeping behind your walls. At some point being neglected for some time cracks may start to show. All in-ground swimming pools will settle over time and as the ground gets looser your mortar between the tiles will become weak and start to separate. When this happens cracking will happen pieces will fall off over time. If you really want your tiles to look their best we offer weekly or bi monthly cleanings. Our technicians and repairmen have all the right tools needed to fill in the gaps plus replace and match up your missing tile. Replacing and repairing missing pool tile is not an easy task to do on your own if not experienced. Matching color and style for a novice is difficult with out the proper knowledge of the various types of tiling. With over 22 years of repair and cleaning know how in the Lancaster and Palmdale areas you can count on us to match up and repair your tile perfectly and restore it to look like new once again.

Spa & Pool Tile Repair in Lancaster and Palmdale

We are also available to help help with designing and installing your tiles and layout. Like mentioned above a regular maintenance plan with help keep that shiny smooth and new look to your tiles. Who wants to see that unpleasant white film on your tiles while swimming in your pool? Feel free to reach out about any tile cleaning questions and be sure to like our Facebook profile page and follow our regular tweens on Twitter. We often offer special discounts for weekly cleaning and repairs for Lancaster, Quartz Hill and Palmdale residents and businesses.