Pool Cleaning Tips for Summertime Antelope Valley

Summer Pool Service Preparation

Folks start thinking of Summer pool service as soon as temps start to rise in the Antelope Valley. Spending time in the backyard pool until the sun goes down is one way many people keep cool around Palmdale, Lancaster, and Quartz Hill. Before you cannonball into the water, make sure to repair or replace pool pumps and filters if you have planned to do so before you use the pool.

Summer Pool Service Antelope Valley

Summer Pool Service Preparation Tips

Clean all baskets. The baskets prevent debris from entering the filter. If there are also any plugs installed, remove those. When it comes to cleaning cartridge filters, you’ll need to remove the filter and spray wash with a hose. For pools with D.E. type filters, disassembling, cleaning, and then reassembling is required. For sand filters, make sure to set to the backwash setting to clean out sand and set back to normal when finished. Don’t forget to also check the water level and add water to get back to normal levels because, week by week, during winter months, it lowers.

Test Water Chemistry

Remember, when it comes to swimming water that’s safe, having the proper chemical balance is vital. It’s a good idea to have a professional pool service technician handle this if possible. An expert will be able to measure the critical things like mineral content, alkalinity, pH, and chlorine levels. For folks that like to do it on their own, test kits are available at your local pool supply store. Regardless of the route you go, get your water chemistry back to swim safe levels. It’s important to note that your pool is not quite ready to jump into yet. Before this happens, it’s essential to clean the filter daily until water is clear.

If your pool uses a cover for keeping debris out during winter leave it on until the above steps are complete then remove and vacuum up any debris from the bottom.

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If you need help with a home pool or commercial pool maintenance we are here to help. We Offer pool repairs and weekly, bi-weekly, maintenance services in the Antelope Valley including Lancaster Palmdale and Quartz Hill.