Swimming Pool Fitness Exercises Antelope Valley

Swimming Pool Fitness Exercises

Swimming pool fitness exercises have gained popularity for therapeutic purposes in 2018. We all know that swimming is enjoyable regardless if it’s in a lake, the sea, or the backyard pool. Swimming is one of America’s most loved leisure exercises, particularly amid the hot summer months. What better way to get in shape and repair your body by taking advantage of your time in the pool for an easy workout routine.

Swimming Pool Fitness Exercises

For those that don’t know swimming gives good heart and controlled-breathing activity which provides healthy blood pressure and helps oxygen circulate. Being at home in your own pool means an easy exercise routine to follow. Our team of pool technicians in Lancaster, Palmdale and Quartz Hill also say that cleaning the pool regularly burns calories too.

Besides being easy to do, aquatic exercising in the pool is also not as demanding on your body compared to jogging. Folks who’ve done long runs know the pains in your knees and joints at times. This is one reason swimming pool exercises are popular. The only thing you need for a new fit you is the pool in your backyard!

Swimming Pool Fitness Exercises

  • Floating Pool Mats
  • Water Bicycling
  • Pool Group Exercises

Floating Mat Exercising

Swimming Pool Yoga Workout Palmdale

Another method that is on the rise for 2018 is wellness mats that float. These mats skim on the surface of the water and because of the swaying, you’re forced to use core balance to keep afloat. Compared to yoga on a hard dry surface, floating yoga gives better health results.

Water Bicycling Exercises

Water Aqua Cycle Quartz Hill

Trust it or not, another health routine is Water Bicycling. Water cycles are a cycling machine in water and you pedal the same as you would outdoors. The extra obstruction from the water gets rid of more calories and is substantially less demanding on the body than running on hard surfaces.

Swimming Pool Group Exercises

Swim Group Pool Fitness Antelope Valley

Like working out in groups? Try some swimming pool fitness exercises that involve sports or groups. Water polo, synchronized swimming or friendly inflatable raft racing all are great ways to burn calories. Plus getting with friends in the pool will be fun for all.

Don’t have a pool? Try your local gyms for open swimming pool fitness exercise programs. If you’re in the Antelope Valley, The City of Lancaster aquatics division offers swim lessons and aquatic fitness classes like Aquacise and Hydrofit classes.

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