Swimming Pool Leak Detection

Swimming Pool Leak Detection PalmdaleAt some point all Palmdale and Lancaster pool owners will need a leak detection to check and see if water is escaping from your system. This usually happens because over time most pools will develop a leak of some kind due to ground movement, settling, aging, and even your pets are some causes of your possible water loss problem. In most cases though the leak is very minor and often most people will choose to ignore it in fear of a major cost. This approach could turn out more costly in the end and leave you with hefty repair and restoration bills in the future. It’s vital to know that when left unattended you could do some major damage to your equipment as well as the deck and surrounding areas. Other important things to look out for are air in the return lines or if you also notice your equipment loses prime. If there are visible cracks in the walls or if you notice the deck feels like it’s sinking when you walk on it, you may have a swimming leak that needs detected. Besides the above and other signs like valves that constantly run or soggy spots around the deck areas or especially if you’re adding water more than once a week then you have a water loss problem in your system. This is when its best to call a professional to help.

Palmdale & Lancaster Swimming Pool Leak Detections

  • Compressed air pressure line testing
  • Video line inspections
  • Electronic leak detection
  • Most leaks repaired & fixed same day
  • Affordable repair solutions

Swimming Pool Leak Detection LancasterOur certified staff of trained leak specialists can pinpoint your leak using many of the latest techniques and equipment like electronic detection and pressure testing. Most times repairs turn out minor and are easily repaired and fixed the same day as the test because our trucks carry the needed parts to replace and fix most pumps, filters, skimmers and valves. The swimming season is very short so don’t let it slip away without taking a dive or two and we are here to make that happen for you. Many times we fix your leak without having to drain the water which saves tome and a bit of money. With the current drought situation we all to do all part to save as much water as possible. We will make sure to do our best and keep down time to a minimum. How do you know your water is leaking and the loss is not due to evaporation? We can run a bucket test for you to confirm that your water is leaking out. Have a question? If you would you like to schedule a free estimate to help solve your leaking water problem please contact us at (661) 874-2063

Pool Leak Detection for Palmdale & Lancaster

If you have checked and noticed any of the above symptoms whatever you do don’t wait. Your leak problem could end up becoming worst and turn into an expensive repair that’s best to avoid at all costs if possible. We service both residential homes and commercial businesses in Lancaster, Palmdale and Quartz Hill and being local to the area can fix your leak fast. If you would like to stay current with our latest promotions and money-saving discounts like us on Facebook and follow our updates on Twitter. With over 22 years serving the Lancaster and Palmdale areas weekly with trusted pool maintenance we guarantee to detect, find and fix your leak.