Swimming Pool Repairs

Swimming Pool Repairs Lancaster CAWith 22 years experience of swimming pool repairs in Lancaster and Palmdale, our technicians have the knowledge to repair all types of pool and spa equipment. We constantly attend factory training classes, so we are always up-to-date on the latest equipment. Whether you have a small leak or are in need of an upgrade to your aging equipment, we can take care of it. Our aquatic swimming pool repair technicians repair and install all types and models of pumps, filters, heaters, salt systems, and automatic controllers in Lancaster and Palmdale area pools. Our service trucks have stocked the most common replacement parts completing the repair on the same day in most times. No more waiting on ordered parts to arrive in the mail days later

In 2007 California passed Title 20. This states that all installed pool pumps and motors are 2 speed or variable speed. This only pertains to pumps attached to a filter system. Not only must you install either of these pumps, most likely you will also need to replace the timer or controller that turns it off and on. The bad news for owners is the cost of installing these new pumps and timers. Swimming Pool Repairs Palmdale CAThe average cost to install a new two-speed pump and timer is about twice as much as a single speed pump. If you go with the newer variable speed or variable flow pumps and timers the cost is about $1450, depending on which type of controller you use. The good news is these pumps do save you money. A new two-speed pump will generally save you 10-30% on your energy bill and a variable speed can save you 75%. As you can see the new system would pay for itself and you could be saving hundreds of dollars in a couple of years. Edison is offering a $200 rebate on installing a variable speed pump for Lancaster and Palmdale residents. Two speed pumps have been around a long time and found on 5-10% of systems. We work with all the major manufactures, so we are able to get you the best price on the best pump for your needs.

Underwater Swimming Pool Repairs Palmdale & Lancaster

When it comes to swimming pool repairs in the Lancaster Palmdale area owners can relax with Great White because we have the proper scuba equipment we are able to do repairs as well as drains without having to drain your pool. This allows a minimal amount of down time. In December of 2007, President Bush passed the Virginia Graeme Baker Safety Act. Anti Entrapment covers are now mandated by law for all main drain covers. We’ve noticed that many homes and commercial businesses do not have and are also NOT equipped with these style covers. This law named after Virginia Graeme Baker, who got trapped on a spa drain cover and drowned in front of friends and family at a graduation party. It took three adults to remove her from the drain. Thirty-three children ages 14 and under, died from entrapment between 1985 to 2004. During the same time period, nearly 100 there were injuries to 100 children as well. This is a very rare occurrence, but why take the chance? It is a very small investment to install the approved drain covers and we’re able to do this without draining the water out.

We help Palmdale and Lancaster residents and commercial businesses with professional swimming pool repairs to make sure your investment is not only protected, but also safe for who enter the water. Feel free to view our different services and like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. We often offer special web only discounts to our follows to help save money on weekly cleanings, repairs and maintenance.

Pool Equipment Repairs in Palmdale and Lancaster