Swimming Pool Safety

Swimming Pool Safety Lancaster CAThere’s no better time for Lancaster and Palmdale swimming pool owners than relaxing and swimming in your backyard paradise during hot summer months. Swimming pool safety is a constant for keeping your children and guests safe while enjoying your backyard water playground. Death by drowning is a major cause of death for children between the ages of one and four. For babies and toddlers drowning accidents when swimming is one of the greatest risks parents can face. The best way to keep a person from an accidental drowning is to make sure the proper measures in place to keep your water swim safe. Fences around your pool’s perimeter, life jackets and adult supervision are a few reasons on the top of the list. Also having some one who knows CPR near the pool is a huge benefit for keeping you, your family and guests safe while enjoying the water. When added up all the above safety tips will cut the risks of accidents and potential drowning situations.

Swimming Pool Safety For Lancaster & Palmdale Pools and Spas

Swimming Pool Safety Palmdale CAA four-sided fence that acts as a barrier between your home and the water can cut drownings by children and toddlers by 50%. The fence is no lower than four feet in height with latching gates that open out. For many parents keeping your swimming pool or spa safe means making sure young ones know how to swim at an early age is a great safety measure that reduces accidental drownings and injuries. A child as young as one years old and can learn to swim in water. Professional swimming lessons for children under the age of 4 can lower swimming accidents by almost 90%. Having life jackets near by and available for less experienced swimmers is also another vital pool safety item to have. Adult supervision is always necessary when young and inexperienced swimmers are in and around the water. Always keep in mind that a small child should never be left alone near the water. It can only take 5 minutes of a child being out of sight for a drowning to occur. Supervision means just that. It does not mean sitting outside texting or talking on your phone or playing board games while a youngster is swimming nearby. When enjoying a swim in the water with your child always be an arm’s length away. Yourself or someone on hand when people are swimming that knows CPR is also a vital part of keeping everyone in your swimming pool area safe. If an accidental drowning does occur by having yourself or another person present who knows CPR can dramatically cut drowning injuries.

Besides professionally maintaining swimming pools and spas in Lancaster, Palmdale and Quartz Hill CA we also like to do what we can to help protect our customers and the community. We hope these tips help keep you, your family and guests swimming safely for years to come!