Unlicensed Versus Licensed Pool Service

There’s both unlicensed and licensed pool service for hire in the Palmdale Lancaster area. When it comes to the latter pool owners often tell horror stories about companies that they found not authorized to support swimming pools after hiring them. Some folks don’t realize there needs to be a permit issued to run a swimming pool maintenance company. Because of this and the wish to lower weekly upkeep costs some pool owners choose an unlicensed contractor… but is it worth it?
Licensed Pool Service Lancaster

Why hire a Palmdale Lancaster Licensed Pool Service Professional

To be a legit pool company state exams are took and passed before a license gets issued. These exams tell swimming pool techs about every piece of equipment that keeps your pool running. A licensed pool service company in Lancaster, Palmdale and Quartz Hill must keep up training to stay up to date on code changes for the area. These reasons are a main cause why smart pool owners will hire professionals to do the regular maintenance for cleaning their pool and keeping the water swim safe.

How would I know if a pool company is licensed?

Licensed Pool Company Palmdale CAThis is one of the most popular questions are Palmdale and Lancaster area pool servicemen get asked. The most straightforward way is to ask. An honest pool cleaning company will have no issue providing a permit to check their competency. Any company that gives you trouble for asking is clearly trying to steer you away from something shady. Be shrewd, make inquiries and check references. Balancing water chemicals and doing repairs like fixing variable speed pumps, filters and underwater lights is always best done by licensed a pool service professional. When using a licensed pool company to aid with keeping your swimming pool and spa in order it’s good knowing the persons helping keep the water clean are licensed. Besides this employees for a licensed pool company also go through a background check. Think about it. You are letting a person or persons into your backyard. A licensed pool cleaning company cuts the worrying if your pool man is on the up and up.
Great White Pool and Spa is a licensed pool service company operating in the Palmdale, Lancaster and Quartz Hill areas for over 20 years.