Weekly Pool Service

Need a professional for weekly pool service in Palmdale or Lancaster? Great White Swimming Pool and Spa for over 22 years has been one of Palmdale and Lancaster’s best cleaning companies for pools and spas. We specialize in a customized weekly service for residential swimming pool owners who use their pools mainly on the weekends. This is one of our most common services that maintains all aspects of your system. Other maintenance plans like our commercial cleaning on a daily and bi-weekly schedule are perfect for Condo, Apartment building, Hotel and Motel owners who want a more frequent cleaning for always clean and safe conditions for residents and guests. Got a backyard party planned for the near future? Our special one-off cleaning service will get you ready to dive in and go swimming in no time. We also check equipment like pumps, motors, and filters so everything is functioning as it should for your festive swim party. We understand that many Palmdale and Lancaster pool and spa owners have limited time during the week and we know having to worry about maintaining your water playground is the least of your worries. Weekly Pool Service Palmdale CA

Our weekly service makes sure your water is always clean and properly balanced plus equipment like pumps, motors and heaters all in working, repair free order. With a weekly maintenance plan in place you can feel safe knowing that you are helping keep the value of your commercial or residential property up by having a well maintained swimming environment. The last thing you want is to let your pool sit for a long time without a proper cleaning or maintenance. When neglected the water can become unsafe in just a few weeks if not sooner. This is one reason It’s always best to hire a professional. Other benefits include not having to keep hazardous chemicals around your property plus no need to buy expensive tools or equipment. Our Palmdale and Lancaster aquatic technicians have all the right tools needed to give a trusted weekly pool service.

Weekly Pool Service Palmdale & Lancaster

  • Vacuum bottom floor weekly
  • Brush walls, tiles, steps
  • Equipment checks
  • Clean and empty filters
  • Skim leaves & debris from surface
  • Weekly water chemical service

Weekly Pool Service LancasterOur weekly Palmdale and Lancaster pool care packages are custom for each clients needs. We arrive on-time on the day that’s best for your scheduled weekly cleaning and maintenance with all the right equipment and tools plus necessary chemicals needed to treat your water. On a week by week or custom schedule our swimming pool service technicians will skim and remove debris and leaves from the water’s surface plus offer vacuuming of the bottom and walls to help keep dirt and algae away. Testing, inspecting and properly treating your water chemistry is also performed with our weekly cleanings. If not done properly water ends up unsafe for swimming. It’s best to always have a safe swimming environment for your home or commercial business to protect family, friends and the public who enjoys swimming on your property. Safety first should always be a main concern when it comes to keeping and protecting all who enter the water. This is why it’s best to leave the work to us. We’re licensed and certified to keep up and support every part of your pool equipment with the proper tools, chemicals and equipment. Heaters, underwater lights, filters, skimmers and pumps are all checked regularly and with our weekly inspections you’ll be notified of any issues with lights, pumps, motors, valves, skimmers or other vital parts of your system that may need attention. Be on the safe site as it’s best to have an affordable weekly maintenance compared to a costly replacement or new part installation. With our years of experience be assured we can properly keep up any size project on a week by week basis.

Feel free to reach out and contact us about our weekly up-keep that helps important components like heaters, pumps and vital equipment stay repair free and your water safe for swimming all year round! Don’t forget to stay connected to us by liking our Facebook page and follow us on twitter for the latest news and any current specials. We’re part of the community ourselves and are here to lend a helping hand for any residential and commercial weekly pool service in Lancaster and Palmdale.